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My wife was severely injured in an auto accident in 2006 and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. She currently uses a Quantum 600 power chair that we purchased from The Scooter Store. When service is required, you call an 800 number and you are told that the local service center will contact you within three business days. No effort is made to prioritize calls. Therefore, depending on when the call was received, a technician may be dispatched to replace a torn armrest while someone with a dead battery or burned-out motor waits. In general, it has taken about seven days from my first call until the repair is completed.
On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, my wife's chair "died". I called the 800 number and they tried to walk me through several possible solutions. When they failed, I was given the "three business day" story. Since it was Thanksgiving week and The Scooter Store was closed Thursday and Friday, my third business day was Tuesday, the 27th. That means my wife would already be without her chair for up to eight days before they were required to call and schedule a visit. A technician actually came to the house on the 27th but all he was able to do was make a list of parts to be ordered. Since The Scooter Store stocks very few replacement parts, the technician told me it would take 10-14 days for the parts to arrive in his shop. When they are received, we will be called to schedule another appointment. The end result is that my paraplegic wife will be without her power chair for a minimum of three weeks and possibly longer. I was told that they have no loaner chairs and no policy of helping with the cost of renting a temporary replacement.
The Scooter Store depends on Medicare funding for a large number of its sales. They heavily advertise their Medicare relationship and emphasize their commitment to "make you mobile". I think their only commitment is to make money. They are just another example of what's wrong with the Medicare system

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  • Al
      Feb 08, 2013

    You are correct, The Scooter Store is in it only for the money. They only care about selling you a chair and billing it to Medicare, after that it is not their problem.

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  •   Feb 08, 2013

    I have had several problems myself dealing with the Scooter Store. It seems their left hand has no idea what their right hand is doing. I called to order a replacement cushion for a client, and was told the chair was not sold to the client with a cushion. Really??? I saw it myself when the chair was delivered. Did I and the client imagine there was a cushion? I don't think so. Spoke to another CSR, who agreed that that assertion was ridiculous. I was also quoted two different prices for the cushion by two different CSR's, when the replacement cushion came, it was not the same cushion as the one that came with the chair originally. Then I ordered a manual and the wrong one was sent. Poor service and a poorly run business.

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  • Ec
      Apr 09, 2013

    I have been trying to reach the Scooter Store by phone for over a month. I have tried every hour of the day every day of the week and get the same thing: A pre-recorded message stating they are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. There is an estimated wait time of six minutes. They are no longer taking new customers. If you stay on hold, in exactly one hour it will hang up on you (you listen to the same message over and over and then CLICK it hangs up in one hour). It does not matter which number you call- the 800 numbers, the local numbers, the service repair numbers- all the same. My husband has a special built electric wheelchair that was custom built by the scooter store for neurological problems. This is not the run-of-the-mill "scooter for going out to the mall. This is a specialty chair that he needs just to get to the bathroom. I have been trying to reach someone at the scooter store since early March, even by email, and have received no response. The pin is broken on the motorized leg lift thus the legs do not swing away so that he may get into the chair. Furthermore, the chair is not charging correctly, not holding a charge. This chair is only a little over a year old and while it is used daily it is used to get to the bathroom or the living room or on a para-lift for transport to the hospital. He cannot use a manual wheelchair because he is too neurologically deteriorated. There is obviously a black-out on media reporting because I have not seen much news about the inability to reach ANYONE at ANY number for the Scooter Store and I am sure it is not just me having this problem. Sadly, if I cannot reach them to make these repairs, I have been told that the repairs have to be paid for out of pocket. The only story that I have found is at this link :

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  • Al
      Apr 10, 2013

    Unfortunately your chances of being serviced by The Scooter Store are very slim. Due to the proven but still "alleged" Medicare Fraud by this company, and the recent FBI raid on their buildings, they do not have enough employees left to handle all of their customers requests. Once the FBI investigations are complete, and those responsible for the fraud are brought to justice, this company will close their doors. The only suggestion I have would be to contact the manufacturer of your husbands chair and explain the situation and ask what other company you can contact for service. (Contrary to popular belief, The Scooter Store did not manufacture their products, rather they bought them from a company such as Pride Mobility for a fraction of the cost that they billed Medicare) Any DME company in good standing with Medicare should be able to service the chair. I would also complain to Medicare. But definitely contact the manufacturer of the chair for assistance!! Good Luck!!

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