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My fiance and I moved into a new house recently and upon the first rain, realized we had a huge leak in our kitchen. We got on yelp to find a reputable roofing company; and this company came highly rated. Ryan was very professional, came out on time and assessed our roof. He told us that the leak was most likely the skylight in our kitchen. When his team came to fix our roof, my fiance noticed that they were actually fixing the wrong skylight (one in our living room). Ryan swore that his team had "reviewed our case in the morning and it was an accident." They then moved onto the actual problem area.

They patched the roof and sealed around the skylight, and sent us a bill for $997 along with pictures of the work done. The next time it rained, on Christmas eve, our roof continued to leak, even worse this time, spreading all the way into the cabinets. My fiance immediately called Ryan, who was on vacation, and called back the next week (more than 10 days later). He made it a priority to come out the next day to check out our roof. His team went back up to fix the roof, and surprisingly, found more cracks that they "had not seen before." They then patched those cracks as well. They offered to perform a water test, for an additional charge, but my fiance had to work and therefore told them he would perform the test himself.

The next time it rained, SURPRISE, the roof leaked again. Creating so much damage that the dry wall was literally falling onto the floor. I called Ryan the next day (January 23rd) and spoke with him for over 45 minutes about a partial refund for the damage. First, he blamed my fiance for the reason that there was so much damage because he refused the water test. He said he "did not want to cause an argument, but that my fiance must have not told me the entire story because it was his fault." He said that the roof repair is like finding a needle in a haystack and that he started with the more obvious areas first. He compared himself to a heart surgeon multiple times, saying that when a patient comes in for chest pain, they do not start with heart surgery right away, but instead have to do multiple tests to find the problem.

When I refused to back down on the phone, Ryan then told me that I was threatening him and being aggressive and harsh. He told me he has NEVER had a problem like this before and that I was being ridiculous by wanting a refund, again referring to himself as a medical professional. I cannot express to you my frustrations with this man, he was extremely professional at first, and then when he realized I wasn't going to apologize to him like he told me my fiance did. He became extremely rude and told me that by posting this Yelp review, I was bashing his reputation and ruining his life. All he is trying to do is put food on the table. He spoke to me like I was a child, and did not understand him. Which by the way, I have a Master's degree and have been an intensive care nurse for over 8 years.

DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN. Yes, I'm sure he can do great work. But he is not licensed, so if he does not fix your problems, you have no back up. He will not work with you for a refund of any kind, and you will have to talk to him on the phone for over 30 minutes as he bashes you for ruining his life.

Jan 23, 2017

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