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Unbelievable. The owner, Carla, was the most unfreindly and rude individual I have every met. I have never been treated so rudely and in such a condesending manner. No eye contact, flipped, accussing ...just unbelievable... How can a business like this survive!?!?! I am so dissappointed in there sevice.

I feel sorry for the employees that must put there heart and sole into this place day after day.. for the most part it is wonderful playground for your pet.

We had our other dogs groomed here and they did a good job. The owner just doesn't have a very good sense of how to treat people or explain what she means in a professional manner. So, if you want to give them your business, be prepared to deal with her!


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      Jul 04, 2019

    Several presidents had dogs for utilaterian concealments. One should not hang this perception, if it would have actually existed. However, consider roosevelt and hitler. Masochism is aimed towards both of these characters. Why should it not be directed towards political whores too. Arn’t many of them our neighbors? This in it self, is hard to swallow. Awful! Inject your favorite political whore into the canine affair.
    We have a mania spreading out through America tied to the craze in owning dogs. Searching back in the past to Vienna, Austria in the mid eighteen hundreds, one meets with the identical situation surrounding, the dangers of these animals, as being used for various personalities, for transitional implications of individual anti-social inadequacies. The Late Doctor Sigmund Freud and cohort, Karl Jung, along with Max Nordav, made lengthy studies of split personalities and their relationships with specific canines.

    In the last several decades hundreds of dog fighting clubs were abundant i America. Psychiatrist long ago persisted that individual masochism was the actual reason for collective canine fighting. Masochism is discovered throughout humanoids as natural outlet for the release of pent up anti-social repressions. In it self, man instinctually harbored aggression as a survival weapon against weaker individuals, to obtain food and shelter. With contemporary existence, a concealed anti-social predisposition to literally satisfy mental instability, through torturing others, or the self, by civilized means, in a legal manner, masochism, self-hatred and getting artificial sexual highs

    Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual inhibitions.
    Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual intuitions, that are needed for an artificial high. This sudden release of forbidden sexual infatuation qualms a disturbed mind, reversed back into the real world, until masochism is to be daily released by Hollyweird’s subimatiog flicks.

    The dog-loving masochists cleaves to have several dogs and their racket for long periods at night, and By indirect satisfaction, to worry neighbors, that brings on self-torture of reverberating masochism.


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      Aug 10, 2019



    Higher education becomes a dangerous threat to the unschooled in the art of political science when used in steering away from original Constitutional studies of which are imperative. At this point we learn that Sec.6, Art. 6 on TREATIES was an input after the Constitution was originally ratified. This little item has been used as the the shaker and mover in bringing America down. There is no other cause in the flooding of our nation over the years as professional revolutionaries have been flooding our shores since 1819 in setting up ghettos from whence Communism found its birth in a land that offered freedom from oppression. A stop gap must end this post socializing of our nation and one must plow beneath the the surface of planned ignorance that has perverted out national educational system. The ignorant and the super ignorant must be awakened.

    For an example comes the dredging up of Harry Hopkins as just another political whore. Hopkins was nothing less than a liberally driven sicko psycho genetically coined traitor. Treading backwards through the furrows of time to our founding father’s era lies the master key to the declination of the American Republic as the political science of pseudo democracy crept along our national era saddled to a little known clause previously brought to light.

    In the final days of laying down a master plan for an emerging of a people under the United States Constitution careful examination of this document reveals the mystery of iniquity, as so subtly revealed in Art. 6, Sec..6 regarding ( TREATIES ). The only conclusion is that the little known ” CITY of Gold ” housed in London England, but under a newer name today, managed to sabotage our new born Republic in the beginning. Please read this article carefully and ponder as to when and where freedom of speech will finally be annulled. COMMUNISM is thought control, nothing more, nor less; and out national republic is under thought control! We cannot expose the enemy within. In essence, The Disunited States of America is merely a province of mother England!

    Returning to Harry Hopkins is to recall that this pro-commie traitor was special adviser to the late President Franklin Roosevelt. Hopkins became one of the most important individuals upon the earth during WW!!. He was a go-between Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill, Priminister of Great Britain. In post WW!! England lost all of her colonies. Thus America has been taken over by many questionable people from eastern Europe while political whores and corrupt State Department employees use the TREATY trick in putting a noose around an unthinking and brainwashed national population. The problem is that we have too many Harry Hopkins holding seats with the Congress of the United States.

    The ancient philosopher, Socrates, was a championed Republican/Democrat. Through a pseudo democracy this wise man detested thought control. He was put to death for warning Athenians that true Democracy was the best form of government, being the brain child of Republicanism. The most frightful situation in America is that the people are misinformed. We might consider a national government being based upon Machiavellian intrusion as alien to a free republic. Freedom of the press and open discussion being suppressed, is the first step to a home made scaffold. A Guillotine of political poison was designed as a form of death for Socratese and of which is to bring our nation to an alike ending. A few more planks under an unsuspecting nation that, like a scorpion, carries the poison that will eventually kill itself, this is crime, corruption, poverty and disease This is a fifty state prediction !

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