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1 Macedonia, OH, United States
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Phone: 330-467-4556

I will NEVER use this pool service company again!

I spoke to Kyle & left several messages for Matt Coglan (owners) about continuing issues with their service department. The pool service manager Andy is unreliable, does not finish the job, does not return phone calls and has a serious problem with communication.

We originally scheduled a pool cleaning, filter hardware issues as well as a heat exchanger problem. Andy showed up, took a water sample promised to return to clean the pool. Didn't hear from him again until we contacted the owners. Andy showed up this morning (a week later) with his crew. His crew cleaned the pool, handed me my bill and left. No-one looked at the filter and Andy did not address the heat exchanger issue.

After a brief inspection, I realized that the pool cleaning was incomplete. There is still staining, a white chalking layer on the gel coat as well as rust stains. I have MANY pictures documenting the condition of the pool. I will never use this pool service company, especially after Andy's yelling tirade after I called his boss. I certainly would never be home alone with them again.

**After an inspection by another pool service company it appears that Great Escape destroyed the gel coat layer of my fiberglass pool.

The Great Escape
The Great Escape
The Great Escape

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