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We signed the contract in March, handed them a check for 33% and were told that the time-frame on the contract (5-7 weeks) would be 2 weeks quicker because we don't have any HOA that needs to approve the plan. We were happy to pay a premium for these guys in exchange for having the deck completed in time for a Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby party. Despite multiple attempts to contact them to confirm schedule throughout April, no one could tell us a start date. The office told us that we were in the "Waiting for HOA Approval" pile, which really frustrated us, considering we don't HAVE AN HOA. It's now May 11 and we still do not have a date when our deck will be installed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Millersville, MDParty was cancelled and we're watching the spring season fly by. They missed the verbal date by 2 weeks and counting and are now closing in on the contractually-bound date. To start over with the low bidder at this point is tough, because their crews are 2 months out, so we're in a tight spot, not to mention that they didn't waste any time cashing that deposit check! Hopefully soon I'll be able to update this review with a comment on the quality of final product, but I have no idea when that'll actually happen!
Description of work:
We hired The Deck & Fence Company to install a deck on our home. Nothing too special, standard materials and no extenuating circumstances.

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    as of 5/16/2017 we still have no response from the company

May 16, 2017

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