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The Bulldog Exchange / Fraud, fraud, fraud

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My name is John and I bought a mini english bulldog from a company called the bulldog exchange llc which is owned by a man named Evan Quintavella, who breeds the dogs in Florida. I actually purchased the dog from a lady named Lisa Vitale who works for him, but I later found out that she lives not in Florida but in the northeast, I think Ohio. I done this all on line on the web site of, they advertise how these dogs are better than a fullsize bulldog and have less health problems according to what I was led to believe by Lisa, with a guarantee that was re-written since I have purchased the dog.

I spent $2500.00 for the dog which is definately more than a regular bulldog and have spent in the area of $4000.00 in the 10 months that I owned the dog! This all just to keep the dog alive!! Since all this happened Lisa has not talked to me once and turned over the problem to her brother in law Evan who breeds the dogs. I have contacted the Florida attorney general, and the agriculture dept. of animal services in Florida also, and they are not allowed to give legal advice but both commented on if I have contacted an attorney! Evan made me jump through hoops just to get him to listen to me about what was going on with this dog, and in my opinion and my vets opinion he has no regards for the dogs well being at all, just the money he receives for these innocent animals.

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  • St
      5th of Dec, 2008
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    Good Afternoon.

    I am writing in response to some of the negative comments that have been posted against The Bulldog Exchange and it's employees. For every negative comment that has been written, there are hundreds upon hundreds of customers throughout the United States that are just thrilled with their dogs that were purchased from us. In fact, many of our customers have gone on to purchase second puppies. Our referral business is about 35 % . The negative comments represent about 1/100% (if that) of our customer base.

    It is human nature to look for and believe only the negative.

    We provide a written guarantee that "every" customer signs when purchasing a puppy from us. We stand behind our guarantee 100% . In fact, we guarantee certain things as breeders that other breeders don't. This particular breed of dog does come with the possibility of having issues that bulldogs have. It is not a secret that they can and often do have issues. It is also the repsonsibility of the person purchasing one of our puppies to understand the breed. If the breed isn't understood by the people who purchase them and if the puppies or dogs aren't cared for properly, issues can escalate and problems become more severe.

    More often then not our customers do not send in the required paperwork. We have our dogs vet checked 24 - 48 hours prior to their going to their new families and health certificates are issued. It is the responsibility of each owner to have their new puppy checked my their vet. This is a check and balance system. It clearly states in our guarantee that the customer has to do this. Those customers that don't follow the steps that we require are the first customers to complain when issues present themselves and our guarantee becomes null and void if this step isn't completed by the customer. It is in black and white.. clearly visible and "every" customer signs it.

    I am not saying that we are perfect; and I am not saying that there are customers who haven't had issues with our puppies. I am simply saying that bulldogs, miniature and otherwise can sometimes have a set of bulldog problems that are unique to this breed. They are the most wonderful pets..and we do everything that is within our power to insure their good health. Some of what is written in a negative manner is completely erronious and grossly exaggerated. Keep in mind that there are two sides to every story and just because you write something doesn't mean that it is necessarily true.

    We have a state of the art kennel...People marvel at the beauty of it all and to say that it is absolute perfection is an understatement. We give our puppies and our breeding dogs love, the best food, the best vet care; we socialize our puppies beyond what any breeder does with their puppies and their temperaments are so incredible. We love what we do and it is evidenced by the very vast majority of those customers that purchase their puppies from us.

    We have neglected to repsond to these reports mostly in part because they have been few and far between, comparatively speaking.

    Sincerely yours,
    The Bulldog Exchange

  • Lo
      13th of Dec, 2008
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    Hello Stacey

    Remember us from Lola owners from Toronto. Yes you do have a garuntee and it say's that your puppy has to die from severe illness. Our credit card company basickly told us we should of let Lola get sick and die within 48-72 hours. Then you would have given us a refund.

    But instead we sent $5700. And of course any dog owner and lover would immediately pay there vet to start medical care for there sick puppy. When there dog can not walk or stand. Your so called vet that check Lola, check her and gave her a shot. That is not a real check up. Our puppy had a cold and it got worse when she flew.
    We also sent her x ray to a vet in San Diego. It showed she has a severe pneumonia in her left lung. That does not occur in 24 hours. It takes days.

    Yes maybe all your dogs are not sick, some could be healthy. And after month's Lola is doing okay. But our vets think she has a weakend amuin- system from her illness. So I would recommend anyone to personally visit your property to pick up there puppy. I would even recommend people to have blood work done on there puppies, just to make sure there blood work show's they are healthy. One day I would personal love to see how your dogs are kept.

    Stacey I am sorry you ignored us. But I am happy we got our money back.

    By the way our dog weight is 36 pounds at five months. Your fellow friends at the state that a mini female weight is 25- 38 pounds.

    Ya okay our puppy way over that she is not even one year... But thanks any ways.
    Now it will be my misson to help or advise anyone when buying any animal.


  • Tr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Hi John-
    I read on another site that your dog was having seizures? I purchased a puppy from Lisa in August 08 from their June litter. He had a seizure a month ago. I am sick from reading these posts. Please please please can you contact me at or 415-509-4751. I love this dog and want to save him and believe that having more info from you about your dog may help me to do that. I feel sick these people are crazy. thank you for your time.

  • Ms
      28th of May, 2009
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    We purchased a mini bulldog from Stacey/Bulldog Exchange over a year ago (2/2008). She arrived to us with a slight parasite problem, but recovered quickly. She is full grown now standing at about 15" and weighing about 35 lbs. Slightly larger than we expected, but size was never guaranteed and we knew that on the front end. Overall, we have been extremely happy with our purchase and with Molly. She is in great health and her demeanor couldn't be better! We have a 3 yr old that is absolutely in love with her! Would we buy again - YES -absolutely without hesitation. In fact, I emailed Stacey just this morning to begin inquiring. We think Molly is ready for a playmate, and our experience has been so great that I wouldn't risk going to someone else. Incidentally, Stacey/Bulldog Exchange has no control over what is allowed in the kennel with the dog during flight. Our puppy did come home needing a bath, but that was b/c she couldn't hold her bladder... not b/c Stacey didn't prep her well.

    Good luck to the rest of you, sorry your experiences don't seem to have been as great. As a side note, I don't doubt for one minute that I'm the only happy customer out there.

  • Ms
      28th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Last statement - for clarification.

    Clearly, we must not be the only happy customers out there.

  • Al
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    You are very blessed to have had a good experience, however if you spoke with Stacey Krueger within the last 49 days as u stated please notify the authorities as "The Bulldog Exchange" and all its fake affiliates are under investigation, have been shut down and as of Saturday one of the owners "evan quintavella" is potentially looking at felony charges for moving out of his forcelosed home and abandoning a starving bulldog in a cage with no access to food. If you review the reports you will understand that your a LUCKY customer and many others have suffered major pain from these scam artists.

    Here are the news reports from WPBF 25

  • Al
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    The Bulldog Exchange, Michelle Scharmer, Evan Quintavella, stacey krueger and all its fake affiliates are under investigation, have been shut down and as of Saturday one of the owners "Evan Quintavella" is potentially looking at felony charges for moving out of his forcelosed home and abandoning a starving bulldog in a cage with no access to food.

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