The Brickunethical behavior

So Dec 03, 2018 Ottawa, ON


I am writing in regards to an order I placed with the Brick 1 month ago under phone number [protected]. It was initially scheduled for November 30th. No one called me to confirm so I decided to call on the 29th. They told me my order had been put on hold as it was not paid. I signed up for accord desjardins and already have my first payment tomorrow December 4th! I purchased a washer dryer combo on black Friday and apparently this got added to my order and froze the entire order. After half an hour on the phone with the manager I confirmed a delivery date of December 5th and asked her at least three times if this was certain. She (Hanadi was her name) was not only rude but didn't care that this had happened. Well - I just received a call from the brick saying my delivery will now be December 7th! I have never dealt with such confused people in my entire life! I'm not sure who hired the staff at this location but it sure was not based on skills! I refuse to issue my first payment for the appliances which is due tomorrow - since I don't even have the appliances!!! On top of that when I went back to the store to do a price match the girl didn't even know how to do it and asked me if she could just do it after my appliances were delivered! This is completely unfair to have this kind of service in this day and age.

This is disappointing and I am never going to purchase anything from the Brick ever again.

Hoping you can help!!

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