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The Brick / terrible customer service

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I wanted to bring to your attention a recent conflict I’ve had with the Brick Furniture Retailers in Peterborough, ON. In November 2005, my husband and I purchased a 9 piece dining room set from The Brick in Peterborough. At the time of purchase we paid an addition $200.00 for their “Full 5 year Blanket Coverage Program”. This was purchased due to the fact that the seats of all six chairs are upholstered in white fabric. This program covered all spills including all household beverages, ink, cosmetics and even nail polish.

Unfortunately, on Easter weekend (March 23, 2008) one of our guests accidentally spilled red wine on the table which leaked onto one of our chairs. I contacted Brick on the day after the incident. We were told that we were responsible for covering the cost of having the chair professionally cleaned. The chair was professionally cleaned, using the Brick’s recommendation for a cleaner, the following day and was a $68.00 out of pocket expense.

It was then the Brick’s responsibility to replace the material on the chair. Following weeks of contacting the Brick and many failed attempts, I finally learned that the Brick no longer deals with this particular manufacturer. The Brick then asked us to bring in the chair and they were going to attempt to clean it (weeks after the spill). Finally, I was told that there was no other option but selecting a different upholstery for the chair cushion. I went down to the business where the Brick had taken the chair to try and select upholstery which was similar to our current color, pattern and texture. The sales lady at the upholstery store was fantastic. She must have gone through almost ever book to try and match it. In the end we found a fabric which was the same in color (As I’ve found out, true whites are hard to match), however, the fabric was a totally different pattern and about 25 time thicker than that of the original fabric.

I had agreed on that fabric and have asked the Brick to recover all 6 dining room chairs as I did not want one mismatch piece considering the amount of money we paid for the original set and the amount of time this process has taken. After days of conflict, I received my final response today (June 23, 2008). The Brick would only agree to recover 3 of the chairs and I was responsible for the remainder.

The cost to recover all 6 chairs is $266.96 plus applicable taxes. They will only cover half the payment!! In my opinion, I have received nothing but terrible customer service and will NEVER shop at the Brick again. Please let your friends know that the “Full 5 year Blanket Protection Program” is a total waste of money and should not be purchased.

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  • Da
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    You are right and I got the similar experiences with Brick and I am suing the Brick.

  • Kb
      5th of Dec, 2012
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    I put through an order last week for a Queen bed frame/head board. I told the Sales Rep that I would like to pick them up for Saturday as I planned to rent a U-Haul in order to pick the item up, she told me it was not an issue at all and they would be available for Saturday (also made note of it on my file). I received a voice mail on the Friday letting me know that the bed frame would not be into the warehouse until sometime next week and they still weren't sure of the day but the table was available for pick up. I phoned into the store and spoke to one person at the call center in Mississauga and he told me he could not do anything on his end (that I would have to phone the Dundas store) but he was very sorry as that is not what The Brick prides itself on and that this issue would definitely be resolved as not only did I waste money on renting a U-Haul for this item but now I have no way to pick it up and do not have $80 to spend on delivery. I phoned the store, spoke to a lady who put me on hold for 15 minutes and then told me that she had to speak to her Supervisor and would call me back in 10-15 minutes. I phoned her yesterday and still have not heard back from her. I then called back last night and spoke to a lady who went and spoke to the supervisor at the Mississauga call center and said there was nothing they could do to help me, it was not worth The Brick spending the $80 delivery when I only spent $200 and that even though this was not my mistake I would either have to pay for it or cancel the order. Might I add, the lady not only told me it wasn't 'worth it' for the Brick to spend the money but also did not sympathize at all and actually laughed a little bit about it.

    I am so absolutely appalled at the behavior and service I have come across and thought by the first gentlemen's kind behavior that The Brick would have no issue taking responsibility for the mistake rather then just telling me to cancel the order. It seems as though The Brick does not care whether there is business made or not and it seems as though it is really all about the money at this point. The Sales Rep only care until they make the sale, after that no one is around for the customer.

    Not only will I never shop there again, I will also never recommend it and be sure to tell everyone this horrid story.

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