The Blade Shop / Billing Practices, Delayed Refund

I recently ordered a knife from the Blade Shop as a birthday gift for my (college aged) son. Shortly thereafter I was informed it was backordered and could not arrive on time. I cancelled the order, but found that the Blade Shop charges your credit card immediately (upon ordering) rather than when the knife is shipped (like most web sites do). It is now 13 business days since I cancelled the order, and a credit has not yet appeared on my card. I take it up tomorrow with my credit card company.

Furthermore, I have called about two knives since then that are shown as available on the web page, but that were not in fact in stock.

I think a company that apparently maintains so little stock on hand has no business charging customers immediately. It raises suspicions, to say the least.

I would advise NEVER to order from this company without calling to check on stock first. Even so, I think they should change their billing policy to not billing until the time of shipment.


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