The Birdhouse BarnDo Not Waste Your Time

For anyone Googling The Birdhouse Barn or Fred Heartley who ended up here, PLEASE do your research and don't go through what I just did. Look up his terrible Better Business Bureau record and look at the complaints on this website as well. Fred is not some elderly man who builds birdhouse as a hobby; he is a 24-year-old kid who will do nothing but lie and give excuses. FIND SOMEONE ELSE! I placed an order for a custom birdhouse to be built as a replica of my parents' house as a Christmas gift for them. I placed the order in October after emailing with Fred Heartley for a few months, with his promise that it would be completed by Christmas. He was paid in full at that time - $480. I didn't hear anything from him until I emailed him to ask him about the progress a few weeks before Christmas. It was then that he told me he wouldn't have it done in time. I was incredibly upset, but I still wanted it so I agreed to a receipt date of January 5. Of course, that date came and went and he didn't have it done (and again, didn't comminicate with me about it). I asked for a picture over 10 times and never received a single one. He ended up changing the delivery date a total of 5 times. I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau. After 3 months of waiting as he has my money, 6 different false dates and not a single picture of it, I got an email from him that he has decided he likes MY birdhouse so much that he's keeping it and canceling my order. I immediately contacted my credit card company & PayPal. PayPal told me since it was over 90 days, there was nothing they could do. But, since I placed the order through my credit card using PayPal, my credit card company would allow me to dispute it. If I had waited any longer or done this through my bank account, I couldn't have even gotten my money back. I don't know if that's part of his plan or not. I have also filed a claim against him with the Attorney General's Office in West Virginia. I don't want him to be able to do to anyone se what he did to me. PLEASE don't go through what I've been through. Find someone good and reliable and don't waste your time with this kid.

Jan 11, 2015

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