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Condense trap on my condensing boiler was blocked. Engineer came out, established this in 10 minutes, hung around for another 3 hours, then charged me 4 hours (!) for this minimal mini job. £264.
I spoke to other boiler engineers later, who said this should have been done and dusted within 1 hour. Now considering how to get the money back, complaints / ombudsman, etc?
My tenant was standing next to the guy and was trying to rush him out as it was clear that he was just hanging around "making sure the boiler was running fine now", but he was stubborn.
The company has hundreds of local sounding listings in (e.g Tottenham Heating and boiler specialists, Seven Sisters Heating and boiler specialist, also Heating+Plumbing Central, etc, etc. Hundreds!). Awful. Felt robbed. I am attaching the invoice which shows this ridiculous overcharging.

Thames Gas

Feb 10, 2015

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