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Terry Brejla / Terry Brejla

1 Sausalito, CA, United States Review updated:

I have been approached by Terrry to meet him in Sausalito. He said he was in Marketing and had some clients for me. My radar got sensitive and I googled him.

I called the Sausalito police to see if they have a warrant out on Terry. They came up with nothing. Does anyone want to share anything specific, without all the emotion, that he has specifically done? Does anyone really want to get this guy and testify if necessary? I am willing to do what it takes if the complaints are prosecutable. Anyone?


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  • Dd
      29th of May, 2008
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    I have had some experience with Terry Brejla and know of others who have as well. Terry approached the small ad agency I worked at a few years ago claiming to have connections to potential clients who he could bring over to us. He was put onto the payroll and for 6 months he set up meetings with different businesses, mainly small businesses or theatres in the SF Bay Area. At the same time he claimed to be in contact with a Rick Sullivan in Chicago who had a new start up with lots of funding for brand development, advertising, etc. Terry refused to give us actual details about this company but we received emails from Mr. Sullivan. After 6 months of getting no where, we began to investigate the situation. Turns out Terry was not only sending those emails under the Rick Sullivan alias, he was also stupid enough to send them from his office computer. He was promptly fired but the damage was done and the agency shut down. He was later hired by a mid-size firm using the same story and pulled the same trick of sending emails pretending to be Mr. Sullivan. They fired him and sued him to gain back the money they had lost. Most agencies in the area are now aware of his antics and know not to hire him.

    If he approaches you regarding potential work my recommendation would be to refuse. At the very least refuse to pay him anything up front.

    On another note, one of the reasons my old agency didn't fire him sooner was he claimed his wife had horrible cancer. We later learned he was telling others it was him that had cancer. Or his dog. Or his daughter. None of it was true, but he used that to help spread out his scam.

    Best of luck,

  • Mr
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    The same thing happened to me and at least two other agencies I know of. The guy is a thief and a con artist. We got our money back in the end by threatening to take him to court, but others are not so lucky. He also writes and self publishes some horrible books. I'd love to see Karma pay him a visit, if not the police.

  • At
      4th of Aug, 2009
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    Complaints and judgements against him are a matter of public record. Is it true that his daughter had her named legally changed from Brejla? The number of misleading/false statements I have heard him make are unbelievable. How old is he? He claims to be very much younger than his appearance would suggests.

  • Ju
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    Terry Brejla, going by the name Will Townsend, hired me to write a story he was allegedly getting published in the Miami Herald. I wrote the story, turned it in with an invoice, and was never paid. Out time and effort, with a $175 write off, and would be happy to testify and provide email evidence.
    Juliet Farmer

  • Yo
      21st of Jun, 2012
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    Further documentation is available through county court records in California and Colorado. You can't google it--have to go to each county's website for online court records search. In CA, try San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Marin for starters. In CO, go for Douglas and Arapaphoe counties. Paints a pretty clear picture going back thirty years. TIP: be sure to check both civil and criminal records.

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