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Terminix / Termite Inspection for Treatment

1 8550 N. 91st Ave. Suite 77Peoria, AZ, United States
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I could not reach the TERMINIX branch at 8550 N. 91st Ave, Suite 77, Peoria, AZ 85260, directly. All phone numbers listed on the internet all go to a call center. It was hard to find the supervisor info for this technician named GARY HALDERMAN on the internet, and the call center would not provide info for his supervisor. So guess what? I am reaching out to YELP and COMPLAINTS.COM instead. On Monday 1/18/16, (during my initial call for a termite inspection) the call center said they will have GARY HALDERMAN (the Terminix technician) give me a courtesy call 15-20 minutes before he shows up on Tuesday 1/19/20. He was scheduled to show up between 1pm-3pm. I deliberately made sure the TV or radio was on low so I can hear the Phone, (or the door for that matter) and worked on my computer next to the front door. On Tuesday 1/19/16 after 4pm, I found a business card on my front door. I would have heard doorbell or the knock on the door, being that I was on my computer by the front door. I also checked my call log and voicemail on my land line, (which was the only number they were given at the call center), and there were no calls or messages from anyone at all on this day. I called the Phone number on the business card GARY HALDERMAN (Terminix Technician) left on my front door and, of course, it went to the call center. The call center operator said he should have given me a courtesy call before he arrived, and doesn't understand why he wouldn't have called if he was at the front door knocking and no one was answering. THANK YOU!!! Exactly what I was thinking!!! This is just basic Customer Service 101 practices that were not adhered to and plain and simple BAD, BAD, BAD Customer Service. By no means am I complaining about the call center, I am complaining about the Technician, (GARY HALDERMAN). The call center listened to my complaint and offered to send the complaint to GARY and to reschedule my TERMITE inspection for the following day on WEDNESDAY 1/20/16 between 10am -Noon. They also promised to make sure that the GARY HALDERMAN will give me a courtesy call and ring the doorbell when he arrives. NOW HERE IS THE APPALLING PART! GET READY FOR IT! At approximately 9:40am WEDNESDAY, 1/20/16, this morning, (20 minutes before his scheduled time frame for a Termite inspection), I get a call from GARY HALDERMAN, thinking he is giving me his courtesy call. Not in the slightest, he only called to complain about the complaint that was put on him the night before. He said he knocked and no one answered, I told him I was on the computer next to the front door. When I asked GARY HALDERMAN why he didn't give me a courtesy call, he said it wasn't in his notes, but I told him that the call center said it was in their notes to have him give me a courtesy call. Then I asked GARY why he wouldn't have just called from his cell phone if he was at the front door knocking and if no one was answering? GARY did not say anything? Then GARY HALDERMAN asks me when would I like to reschedule another Termite Inspection??? Can you believe this??? GARY HALDERMAN did not have any knowledge of his scheduled inspection set for 10am-Noon. Keep in mind again it is 9:40am and I am thinking GARY is calling 20 minutes early for his 10am-noon appointment time frame. If GARY HALDERMAN can't even get an appointment correct how do you think the actual termite job/service would be done? So I called back the call center to try and get GARY ALDERMAN'S supervisors information, and the call center said it is against their policies to give out that information, but said that they would forward my complaint. The call center also mentioned that GARY may have an older cell phone not compatible with their messaging system, therefore, he is not getting, or not receiving their entire messages. The call center offered to set up another appointment, but I told them the same thing I told GARY HALDERMAN, and emphatic H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO! I also requested that the call center put my answer in all caps in their notes as well, so TEMINIX gets how frustrated I really am. The call center operator was empathetic and agreed and said would make sure that my request was honored. I happened to be at home and was not called in for work, but if I did not have the time off, I would have had to call off of work for both of these appointments. I would be livid if I would have had to take time off and GARY HALDERMAN wasted 2 of my work days because of his non-existent customer service abilities. If I were future potential customers, I would not trust the work that this company does if you cannot even get setting up an appointment correctly. Michael & Michelle in Phoenix, AZ

Jan 20, 2016

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