Team Management / rosie galarza turned kilbourn commons into a bad unsafe environment

Milwaukee, WI, United States
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Rosie GaLarza rented to bad tenants at Kilbourn Commons located at 2835 West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and turned it into a bad unsafe enviroment. Rosie rented to Jesus Diaz aka Amigo a young Puerto Rican guy in Apt 314 who be begging by going to tenants doors asking for money, cigarettes and other stu[censored] Jesus started bringing his bad friends into Kilbourn Commons that be hanging out in the hallway on the 3rd floor. His friends be hanging out in the front and back hallway pooping and defacating on the hallway floors!!! Jesus's friend a big black guy used a fire extinguisher to break down Jesus's door.Jesus gave his smartphone to a drug dealer for drugs. He asks tenants can he use their smartphone to call his case worker and his friends!!! The police chased Jesus's friend out of the building while he was hanging out on the third floor hallway. Bejhan Gorgi was doing a good job taking care of the building until Rosie fired him and took him to court.Rosie hired Shuran Hagwood to take care of the building, Shuran did not do a good job cleaning up the building until he took off and ran off somewhere in Chicago!!! The building did not have no caretaker, because of him.Rosie rented to more troublemakers like Jasmine Curry in Apt 210, Princinetta Thurman and Marcus D.Gutsch in Apt 201, Sharon Williams in Apt 205 and Ashley Hudson in Apt 208. Rosie evicted Jesus Diaz, Sharon Williams/Marquita White and Ashley Hudson in 2018. Rosie evicted Bejhan Gorgi in 2018 for non payment of rent, She told Bejhan Gorgi not to come back to Kilbourn Commons, because if he does, The police will be contacted!!! Rosie GaLarza is smart mouthed, have a attitude problem and a bad attitude!!!That's why in July 2018, Black female tenants were jumping on Rosie GaLarza's back threatening her about her not taking care of things inside their apartments, They complained to her boss about Rosie GaLarza. In August 2018, Darnell Williams had a talk with Rosie GaLarza and told her that He's been getting complaints about her and He told her that he's gonna put her in a different apartment building. Darnell Williams hired Philip Bowers as the new apartment manager.Philip Bowers evicted Princinetta Thurman and Jasmine Curry for non payment of rent in the Fall of 2018.

Nov 18, 2018

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