Tax Masters / Taking money and doing nothing

1 Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 209 533-9064

They had me pay $3, 500.00 on t6he promiss that they would file past taxes and help me to enter an agreement sith the IRS. They began almost 8 months earlier taking money from my bank account without a signed agreement. I called them back and they had not even started to handle my case nor advise me of the next step. In mid 2011 they said they were going to be more expensive and when I reveived their new billing schedule, I had made one more payment and then cancelled my agreement with them. Since they did nothing, I asked for my money back via Certified Mail, Fax, and Phone. I later received a letter saying that they would not credit any money back. The 2 different contracts they sent me were different. All I want is my money back!

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