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Tate's Natural Miracle Conditioner / Telemarketing calls that won't stop

1 Willoughby, OH, United States Review updated:
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This company is so slimy it's unbelievable. They have been harassing our company for two years with their telemarketing calls. We have made requests on the phone, via e - mail and via letter to place us on their do - not - call list; we have filed a complaint with the ohio attorney general's office and the better business bureau. They do not care. I know this is how they operate because there are similar complaints filed with the bbb. The only way to stop them is through a class - action suit which i would be willing to do if others are interested.


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  • Cc
      9th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Oh my god, they are relentless. . i recently sent another email demanding they stop harrassing us.

    they would talk to un-authorised employees to try to get them to make an order (go over my head) ie. "tell us how much of our stuff is on the shelf so we can fill shelf" after numeriously telling them that i had no longer wished to carry their products.

    got called 4 times in ONE day. each time telling them, we do not wish to carry their line and please remove from list. and put on DO NOT CALL LIST. . . on the last call I told them "if you dont cease ill contactthe police and file formal phone harrassment charges"

    the woman then proceded to say "well before you do that, have you considered our multi case special deal" incredulous I just hung out on her.

    they are almost comical. I gave their line a try. . it didnt work and they relentlessly harrassed us. DO NOT DEAL WITH!!! EXTREMELY SHADY

    Another business owner pal of mine said they had even gotten the managers home number and started calling there!

  • An
      17th of Feb, 2011
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    i used to work for them...its out of this guys house in willoughby ohio..he said if someone says "no" they just go to the bottom of the list, there is no do not call list

  • Kr
      1st of Mar, 2012
    +3 Votes

    I work for a health food store in Orlando and we haven't sold their product in 5+ years yet still receive almost weekly calls from them. Sent a cease and desist letter from our lawyer they continue to call. They claim they have received coupons from us, or check your shelf is it time to reorder, both lies to try and receive an order. Never, never order their products you will never stop being harassed.

  • Na
      21st of Jul, 2012
    +3 Votes

    All of the above is true! I manage the H&B dept. at a small health food store in Connecticut and they are harassing us weekly for a bill that we already paid! Then someone else will call the same day and ask if we're low on anything :/ Also be aware that there is another company with the same type of products using the same address called Kathy's Family. The same woman that calls from Tate's, her name is "Tina", called me from Kathy's Family and that's when I realized the connection. Stay away from these companies!

  • Ca
      19th of Dec, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Awful company that harasses us consistently. We have asked numerous times over 5+ years to have our name taken off of their list. In fact, they once sent us a case of their product with a bill included to be paid. Needless to say, we made them pay to have it picked up and shipped back. ###

  • No
      18th of Jan, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I Called this company asking how there was no color to their product since they list ingredients like, blueberry, strawberry, etc. The woman I spoke with was very pleasant but had no answer even though she said they made the product right there. Then they had a promotion if you sent your recent they would send a bottle to a friend, etc. They never made good on that AND looking at the fine print the 'bottle' they spoke of was NOT the full size or even a decent sample size anyway. I tend to think this co. is all sizzle and no steak(that they are not truthful) and that their product comes from another source and is NOT organic or 'natural'. I still like the product, but, now I buy what looks just like their product and sells wholesale and will give you your own label (which is probably what Tates does). I no longer trust this company after my interaction with them . They charge $25 for a small bottle while I can purchase this 'same' product for less than $10/gallon. BEWARE...don't get hoodwinked. Doesn't feel Christian to me.

  • Na
      25th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Hi there, I really need help. I have ordered products from the Tates a while ago ( 1 gallon of shampp and 1 gallon of conditioner), gave out my credit card number to a guy who works there name Steve, asking him to send me an official receipt of my payment of order which was 159 $ . Few days i cant reach anyone there nor they give me out tracking number of my parcel. I have never had any problems ordering anything from other companies and this is the first case i faced.I do not know what to do and all online things i tried out. I sent them about 10 emails requesting the confirmation of my payment ( that they charged me 159 dollars which they told me they did) and also they are not sending me my tracking number . My fear is the credit card, if i gave it away to those guys and they even cant simply send me a receipt for my payment fo rso many days, what trust and further business we can talk about?!!! Anybody knows their manager contacts or anyone in their sense to respond my request. Thank you

  • Fa
      7th of Feb, 2013
    +2 Votes

    @ not believing: what "same" product did you find that was $10 per gallon? I agree the ingredients list for Tates is likely misleading, but I must say that I like the results (especially since I have sensitive skin). If Tates is just re-labelling a generic bulk brand, I'd be happy to just buy a bottle of the bulk.

  • Tr
      18th of Jun, 2013
    +2 Votes

    How to get off Tate's call list: 1) Tell them that their label is NOT FDA-compliant and that you will need a list of true ingredients in order to not file a complaint with the FDA. 2) Ask them if they have product liability insurance.

    P.S. If anyone out there has a name for the similar/same product provider, I would be grateful to receive it.

  • Pr
      18th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I'm seconding and thirding the last two posts. I feel like a fool liking this product because there's no way their ingredients list is correct. Too bad their business is so clouded in secrecy, deception and bad business, because this is a good conditioner (as well as Kathy's Healing Lotion). Would love to get the whole story if anyone knows.

  • Sa
      28th of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes

    The shampoo and conditioner are repackaged. You can buy them a Sally's Beauty Supply for pennies on the dollar. The shampoo is Naturelle Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo $ 8.99 for 15 oz and the conditioner is Cure Care is $8.59 for a GALLON! I used Tates and now this. Exactly the same! Stop giving your money to a liar!

  • Xt
      2nd of Jul, 2013
    +1 Votes

    The company is a SCAM, the product from Sally's
    The above person mentioned is EXACTLY what
    Tate's is and there's nothing "all natural" about it.
    There is no Tate family, there is no Kathy's family
    There is a shady business man with a cute story
    And no conscience who feeds on good people. Sadly no one has the monetary means
    To end his nonsense.

  • Ha
      4th of Sep, 2013
    +1 Votes

    They also hire kids to work late hours and don't pay the kids. How can this place be shut down??

  • To
      9th of Sep, 2013
    +3 Votes

    Thanks for listing the real stuff. Had the same experience with relentless calls 3 times a month about 3 years ago and when I finally screamed, I mean, SCREAMED at the woman on the phone, I stopped getting called. Probably made her quit, poor thing. I'm off to Sally's. Class action sounds appealing because the Tate guy is so annoying and deserves to be slapped, but I think the internet and comments like ours will eventually do him in.

  • Je
      27th of Oct, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I used to work here. Literally their products are bought from Walmart, then relabeled as "all natural" and sold under the Tate's or Kathy's name. There's no Tate family, and the "secret recipes" can all be bought at Sally's or Walmart.

  • Fo
      12th of Dec, 2013
    +1 Votes

    These ### need to go out of business. Never, ever order from them or accept their incessant phone calls. I have NEVER come across a company with less ethics. They will also eventually kill someone if they are reselling products with incorrect labels. Everybody keep complaining. I would call them 10 times a day if I had the time just to tie up their phone lines.

  • Mr
      11th of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Thanks everyone! I've since stopped using the Tate's conditioner as now I have no idea what it is made of. Very good point - How is it colourless, as listed in the ingredients are Apples, Strawberries, Rose, Oranges, Clove, Ginger, Pineapple, Cranberries, Blueberries, Geranium, Raspberries, Blackberries, Celery, Boysenberries, Orchid, Coconut, Papaya, Marigold, Hazel Nut, Pine Needles, Oak Bark, Chamomile, Nutmeg, Calendula, Jasmine, Lemons, Parsley, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Cherry Bark, Passion Flower, Cinnamon.
    I have also purchased their toothpaste and find it wonderful. Is this repackaged from another brand too?

  • Su
      26th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I can see that Steve, the man who lives in MO and distributes Tate's and Kathy's is a d-bag. Research on him was very enlightening. My question is about Kathy Swanson of Kathy's family. Are they in it together? Her website and FB pages look legit. Or did she simply get scammed by Steve and his slimy company and now regrets him being her distributor? I see that her company (supposedly located in MA) is now franchising, so this is an important question. I have never used Tate's, but the Kathy's miracle lotion is the only thing that works for my rosacea. If it is a re-label, I need to find the REAL product. From what I can tell by research, it is NOT the same product as Tate's conditioner. People say they look alike, but smell and work differently. I am really confused. Can anyone help? This guy Steve needs to be taken down, but I am hoping there really is a Kathy's family that hand mixes natural products in MA.

  • Su
      26th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    After more research, hnere is what I found. Kathy Swanson started Kathy's family in MA in 2002. It was listed as a multimillion dollar pharmaceutical/beauty sales company and was located on 25 acres with a gorgeous home. It's patent was cancelled. Then she changed names (prob due to divorce) and moved to OH in 2011, very close to where Steve Divincenzo . lives and works. Her new name is Kathy Stanley-Hogan and she re=patented her company under the name of Kathy's Family- Good Honest Products and People, located in a seedy storefront with sales listed at $46, 000. She also works for a company that re-packages and distributes products, which in light of the complaints against Steve (who also distributes Tate's products as well as Kathy's family) seems sketchy. Their company phone numbers are the same. Apparently she was raised in the area.

    I remember buying the healing lotion years ago and later it was in a different bottle and wasn't as good. Perhaps at one time in MA, they did make the homemade product, and after their fall got desperate. She has moved around a lot and they have a terrible record in customer service. I find it hard to believe she is still making this stuff from scratch.

  • Su
      26th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    It's also possible that in her heyday, she sold the formulas to Sally's, went under and now buys Sally's product and repackages it herself. But the new lotion, while good, is not as great as what it used to be. My problem is that she is now on Facebook posing as a small, grassroots operation that needs our help to grow. And she is trying to recruit "franchises", where people cold call small health food stores, get them to agree to "free samples" and then Kathy and Steve ship the product. They get their money from the franchisers and screw the customer, leaving the franchiser to take the heat.

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