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I took my family here. The dentist said my son had 8 cavities that needed to be filled immediately. My gut said "no way." They tried to make me feel like such a horrible mother for not wanting him to do the work he said was necessary.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Clemente, CA The assistants said the dentist was angry and didn't want to do the cleaning we came in for. I trusted my gut and took my boys to a different dentist who claimed he has 0 cavities. To this day such is so. New wave dentistry, watch out!

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      Mar 14, 2011

    Dear Trish G,
    Typically, if a patient has questions or doubts about their treatment or diagnosis, it is best they contact us and ask us to review the x-rays and chart with them and explain to them why we diagnosed as we did. It is hard to respond to your comments online. However, if we diagnosed cavities on your son, then he has them. It is perplexing how the second doctor said he did not see any cavities! I would take your son to another dentist and get yet another opinion. Your trust and confidence are important to us. We would even pay the bill for the 3rd opinion to be fair to you! Also, we would be more than happy to review his diagnosis and his x-rays and even do another check up on him in your presence at no charge. Please call us ASAP.

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