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June 0f 2006 my husband and I went in to Taco Cabana on I.H 35 and Rittaman Rd. In San Antonio Texas. Well me and husband ordered are food and ate in my husband ordered a quesadilla and I had enchilladas, well any ways we started eating our food I bit into my food and i felt this stabbing pain. I spit my food out into my plate my tooth came out with it (OMG!!!) I started to panic, my husband says, " calm down hunny". I got up from my chair went to the register and asked for the manager, she didnt know what to do she called the store manager. We spoke to the store manager, my husband wanted to call the police "The store manger" begged us, I say begged us not to call the police she told me that I would be taken care of it, so we didnt. Well I went to the dentist right away omg!!! very pricey. Well T.C.'s insurance Liberty Mutual called me and sent out there field investagator two weeks later they denied my case. I was soooooooo upset. I called the store manger who promised me that I would be taken care of. I didnt mention before that I had kept all mt evidence tooth and all and names and numbers of workers and 3 customers that were there, and my original reciept. I had to take them to court it took two tears we went to court july 2008, and it was hell and they had like 8 people for there defense I had 3. They all lied the store manger said she "NEVER" seen nor talked to me. Ok I magically had her phone number ok, and all the staff ( like I was CIA) lol.. Well I never got compinsated and all I can say that all I can say is I HAS ALL MY EVIDENCE!! and they had the "JUDGE" golf buddy... thats what happend to me politics never end neither do scammers and cons which they are... Sincerly, Discriminated

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  • Jd
      Feb 21, 2009

    What did you bite into? Also why would you call the police? I'm sure they'd have better things to do.

    The right thing was done by the restaurant to send it to their insurance company. That's what they pay money for

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