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Taco Cabana / rudest manager ever

1 1101 East Spring Creek ParkwayPlano, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (972) 665-9770

Don’t go to Taco Cabana unless you want to get poor/no service, treated rudely, cursed at, and reported to the police. I stopped at this Taco Cabana on Spring Creek in Plano and got the worst treatment I have ever received from any restaurant. It’s about 9:30pm on a Thursday night. I pulled up to the drive through menu/speaker. All the lights where on and everything seemed normal, but after sitting there for about 3 minutes I thought maybe something was wrong with the speaker so I pulled up to the window. There were two employees standing there talking completely ignoring me. I knocked on the window lightly and the one girl shrugged in at me and moved her lips as if saying something. I shrugged back and said what loudly as if they could maybe hear me. She came to the window, opened it, and said they were closed. I asked what time they closed and she looked at me like she didn’t understand what I was saying. I told her that they should have a sign or something saying when they were closed. She said, “Yesterday we had a sign. Not today.” Now I’m just confused. I’m not sure if she meant that this after the normal time they close, but someone stole the sign or maybe that they have been closed for the last two days, but didn’t put up a sign today. I asked if I could speak to the manager. She left and a guy came to the window. I asked if he was the manager and he said yes. I asked for his name and he said, “We are closed for shooting a commercial!” I asked again if I could please get his name, but he slammed the window shut and walked away.

I figured ‘oh well’ and was just going to leave, but now there is a some guy standing in the middle of the drive thru lane in front of me yelling “They’re closed!” and waving at me. I slowly pull up to him and he steps out of the middle of the lane. I asked him if he worked there and he informed me he didn’t work there and was just part of the film crew. I asked if he knew the name of the manager because now I want to know who I talked to that was rude and who was in charge of this mess. He said he didn’t know and I should just go around to the front or of the restaurant and ask the people that did work there.

At this point I wanted to know because I plan to call the company and complain. I don’t complain often, but the few times I have they always seem to want to know who you talked to and if you don’t know their name it seems as if they don’t believe you or that you are just making it up. I also want to see/suggest if they will at least post some signs or turn off the drive up menu board lights other customers won’t have to go through the same thing.

I went around to the front and parked. I still saw nothing that would indicate they were closed. No signs and all the lights were on. A few people walked out of the back door. A few people were inside standing around chatting. The front door was unlocked. As soon as I walked in I saw the “manager” standing at the front register with that normal ‘hear I am ready to take an order’ look. I walked up to him and he immediately said again that they were closed. I again asked for his name and he said he wasn’t going to give it to me. I started to suggest that it would be nice if they were going to close they could put up a sign on all the doors and drive up menu so the customers would know, but instead he cut me off saying “Get off of my property or I’ll call the cops, ###!” I turned around and left. As I was getting in my car I saw the manager standing in the doorway furiously trying to enter something in his cell phone. I yelled, “Go ahead and call the cops!” He got a panicked look and scurried inside.

Now I must say that I’m hardly a threatening kind of guy. I’m a regular middle age, short, bald, chubby guy who most that know me describe as sweet. At the same time if I come to your establishment, and want to do business with you, I don’t really accept poor customer service and definitely not extremely rude behavior.

If you are the kind of customer that likes to be treated badly or are trying to improve your rap sheet this is the place for you! I for sure will never eat at another Taco Cabana anywhere.

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