Syntel / Fined for wrong charges and pollice man not monitoring the traffic

I was passing signal at Tilak road (Pune) towards left coming from Aranyeshwar colony. Signal was red, however allowing to go to left by showing green signal for left direction. A traffic warden stopped me for signal cutting.
Police man (V. K. Kamarkar Reg. no. 2092) came and asked traffic warden why did you stopped him and then took my driving license. As I was having a debate on same, it was all in vain. One car committed offense by cutting signal and nobody paying attention towards it. Same was then followed by two bikes and even they were left. When I asked why is this lottery system? He replied I am busy with cutting your chalan.
Then again debate started, as traffic warden stopped me and not police man (V. K. Kamarkar Reg. no. 2092). He was reluctant to accept his mistake and was giving all the irrelevant and illogical reasons. I had to pay him Rs 100 because I was travelling that day and needed my license for the same. How can I hold up this point with the point and make police man (V. K. Kamarkar Reg. no. 2092) know his responsibilities.


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