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Toronto, ON, Canada

Ordered a dress for my daughter's graduation. I paid extra for a custom made dress and provided my daughters measurements. Upon receiving the dress the waist measurement was off by 4" (too large for my daughter's waist obviously) and the bust 1/2" (too tight). I tried to look how to contact the company and found to my surprise that you can only contact them through a live chat on thir website or via email. Tried to email my concerns and got the answer that the dress was made according to the measurements provided. WRONG! The waist measurement I provided was 25" and the dress waist is 29"! As you can see on the pictures the waist of the dress is way too big. The only resolution to this mistake the company made was to first give me a 5% discount of the dress price. Great $12! It will cost $100 to have the dress altered! Then after numerous emails they offered me their biggest discount, as the cost for alteration of the dress was too high, a whopping 15% discount. That is $23. So, not even 1/3 of the cost of fixing the dress they didn't make properly! Then they told me I can return the dress for a full refund. I checked with delivering companies and it would cost me around $80 to ship it back to the Chinese address they provided me with. When I initially ordered the dress I was under the impression it was a UK company as the address was from UK. Not until the dress was delivered I realized it came from China. I asked the company to pay for the shipping and they refused. Now they don't even reply to my emails.Stay away from this company. There's no way to contact anyone except for live text chat or by email. All the representatives, who all have English names, reply the same thing without reading the email thread first. Very frustrating as a new representative responds every time. Also, the language they use make me think they also are stationed in China. Moreover, their responses are very unprofessional with no caps, punctuations, greetings, etc.i will never deal with this company again and I hope my feedback can help someone. It is better to spend s bit more somewhere where you know what you're getting and a company you can deal with over the phone speaking to a supervisor, etc. I could have ordered a dress here for the same price as this one ended up costing me just after paying for the dress, customization, shipping and duty. And of course the extra cost of having to alter the dress. Instead of $194 it's ending up costing me $340!!! NOT WORTH IT!


May 25, 2015

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