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1 Palmetto, FL, United States Review updated:

Paid for 50m Adena and never recieved it. Person in live chat said they did not have the ADENA IN STOCK. ###.

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  • Br
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    Hey sorry that you guys got scammed, it's happened to me before too...

    In the future if you are checking for virtual currency vendors to try to avoid getting scammed check out this site that I found:

    It lists full consumer-reports-like vendor reviews of all of the top vendors, and has a pretty sweet price matching feature along with some graphs. That way you can find the cheapest prices along with the best customer service for all the major MMO's. I've had great gold purchasing experiences since I started using it.

  • Te
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    Of course they're all about BS. You want more proof? Check out the Swagvault posts in

    I wish I had seen this site before I was insane enough to order from SwagVAULT (of horror).

  • Wo
      7th of May, 2009
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    used this site once before, it sucks . won't buy any gold from them . now when i need gold i always come to . gold delivered fast and the support was great .i have their coupon code which can use for ever .if anyone wants to try .code LJJ007 will give u more surprise .

  • Ja
      20th of Mar, 2012
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    HERES HOW MY SWAGVAULT EXPERIENCE WENT...This is Ticket i sent to them

    I must say that this has been the worst online purchase experience I have ever had. Your representatives lied to me and promised gold delivery same day of order and Items/mount delivery within 24 hours. I dealt with people through Live Support and on the phone---They all basically are trained to say "We are really sorry, we understand your concerns, we will fill your order ASAP" or " few more hour our guy isn't here"

    First off I hope someone with real authority and common logic reads this and understands my valid frustration. Here is how my experience basically went...

    I call the swagvault phone number Friday before I purchase to verify that I can receive gold really soon and items within a reasonable time. They assured me YES--and said they had all in stock.

    I travel to a Western Union and send You $219.98 which is available to you all within MINUTES--I checked the MTCN# via web and customer support.

    Friday comes and goes and I get a huge runaround saying the person/banker/whoever isn't around to verify my payment??! WTF any braindead person w/ basic internet or phone skills can contact WU to verify it. Needless to say --I don't even get my gold friday.

    Satuday arrives and by now I must know all your live support specialists by first name basis! Same runaround saying that my issue is of high priority and that I may even have my items in 12 hours!! So im super excited!

    12 hours comes and goes and NOTHING--same BS about we are out of stock blah blah blah-IF YOU ARE OUT OF STOCK OF WOW ITEMS THEN SAY SO ON YOUR WEBSITE BEFORE PEOPLE DISH OUT HARD EARNED MONEY!

    Sunday comes and goes-By this point they all know me and have finally admitted that they received my payment-FINALLY! I even get a verification email saying the order is is "processing" and that my items will be delivered really soon.

    Well You can probally guess that that was BS too--i received nothing Sunday.

    NOW-Today is monday-I use Live chat and tell them my terrible situation--they restate that they received my payment and they will send my items soon--can you people be any more vague and elusive?? A wonderfully nice Support Rep named Shirley arranged for me to at least get my gold delivered ingame after over an hour of waiting. they said "log in on your main and we will whisper you now"-NOTE- they didnt include the 5% bonus they said it was "partial payment"sigh.

    As icing on this horrible cake they overcharged me $20 on the carved ogre Idol I ordered -I just realized that today !

    TUESDAY ARRIVES-with high hopes of all my items being in my inbox/mailbox---NOPE!! I have to wait until like 12 noon to receive 2 out of the 3--The best one, the Mount, of course is missing! I get the good ol Swagvault runaround promising me 2 times this very day that "few more hours it will be mailed" BSBSBS! It's 6:45 East coast time USA atm and I cant even get a support specialist to connect me to a manager or even on the PHONE!

    SO to sum this all up--This has been an AWFUL experience that could have been 100% mitigated. I feel like I was ripped off and lied to. I demand compensation for my overcharged item, my time lost due to dealing with live support/phone service and all the extra grief and anxiety i was placed through! I had full intentions of switching to swagvault for all my MMO needs, but unless this situation is remedied VERY SOON--I and every gamer I know that deals w/ currency, TCG loots, etc will NEVER buy from your company--I Will let the whole mmo community know how you people really do business. And believe me, My community reach is deep in these matters-U people screwed yourselves! remember that

    So the choice is yours, it's in your hopefully capable hands.

    -Sincerely, Jarod

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