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Lu Mesa, AZ Review updated:

On December 2, 2008, a "stylist" (MAVASH) butchered my hair. Listening to what the customer wants is definitely not her strong point, if she even has one. Intially I thought it was an ok style until I looked in my mirror at home--one side was a totally different style than the other plus a difference of over an inch & a half length. When I walked back in, she said, "WHAT?!!" So she sat me down to "fix it" and the next thing I knew she was shearing me with clippers. I walked out in shock -- with less than an overall length of 2" left. After stewing for three days, I returned and got my money back. The $14 refund can't begin to replace how uncomfortable I am with looking like this. SO STAY CLEAR OF MAVASH, employee #5 in Mesa AZ.

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  • Mr
      Dec 16, 2008

    I live in Lexington Ky and have seen and experienced the same thing at local supercuts . The last time I went was the last time I went . Stylist I asked for was not available . I was looking at cuts as patrons left and one poor soul had a 2 inch gap to the skin on the back of his head, I immediate left. Needless to say that I have seen it quite often with supercuts.

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  • Ca
      May 01, 2009

    Lu, I’m surprised to read this, because Mavash has been my favorite stylist for many years. I know that she is one of the rare stylists who can give you a $200 cut, for about $20. Of course, the big challenge is in knowing how to ask for it.

    As far as Supercuts is concerned, mine is a love hate relationship. Many of the stylists are not that great and the customers are awful: rude people, kids screaming and everyone is in a big $14 dollar hurry.

    Let me tell you my secrets for getting a great style on the cheap (aka Supercuts). First, find pictures from their style book or bring in your own picture. Second, if you’re looking for the best job, always come at odd hours, when few people are waiting. Third, be reasonable with your expectations. You should always ask the stylist’s opinion before you let them start. Fourth, wash your hair free of everything right before you come in.

    Lastly, as with anything service industry, you should always treat people kindly and respectfully. You would think you wouldn’t have to remind people about this.

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