Sunoco / self service reciepts

You see ads about stolen id's on the tv but nobody seem to fix this problem. Pump gas and you have to get a reciept from the cashier because of paper jams or no paper in printer at pump. Tell the cashier and they just say paper jam and print the reciept inside which is ok but getting it at the pump is call self service. If they ever fix the printer i'm sure they do shred the reciepts they just go in the trash and someone can pick them put.
Who do you report this to to the state of florida,? Stations don't care and nobody trains the cashiers to fix the paper, if they had to walk outside and give this to you I bet they would fix it.
Sunoco @2609 at 900 s. Main st. Wildwood florida
Pump #3 at 12;46:16 on 12-11-12
And bobs zippy's on 6596 e. Hwy 44 wildwood, florida
Pump #4 on 12/12/12 at 15:29.
My e-mail [protected]
How do I know if someone got a copy of my reciept after they clear the pump 3 days later

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