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Sun Communities recently bought our park and the result is horrible. They are intentionally allowing people to buy into this community, who then immediately break all the rules and regulations. Sun knows of this, but has ignored their own policy. 14 people in this community have written 17 complaints on Sun's web page. Sun claims on their page, they will get back to you within 2 business days. That would be a lie, as they have not replied to any of the 17 messages they received, some written 6 months ago.

It seems as though Sun is intentionally destroying this park so they can force the good owners out and buy their homes back for pennies on the dollar. They then sell the homes for profit -and get to raise the rents on the new buyers. They are allowing big dogs, vicious dogs and dogs off leashes, all in violation of the rules. They are allowing the new residents to illegally convert carports to workshops and garages, to park on the street, common areas and lawns, all against the rules. They are allowing new residents to move extra people into homes permanently, against the rules stating 2 to a home. The clubhouse has been under construction for months. The park is infested with fleas, sand fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. They raise their rents by at least 4% a year, forcing older, poorer residents to turn off their heat, their A/C and their hot water. Older residents are taking their showers at the pool to avoid running their own hot water. They are getting deliveries of stale bread from the local charity to save money on their food bills because the rent is so high, and Sun is allowed to raise the rent whatever amount they desire without showing any reason why. This is a horrible place to live and it is only getting worse because it is in Florida, the most corrupt state in the union. The EPA came here at least twice because people were complaining of toxic overflow. The EPA came and decided, without ever testing the water or soil, that the water was not toxic. Full time residents are dying of cancers, parasites and other diseases that may be resulting from this constant flooding, yet the EPA in Florida decided just looking at a puddle was proof enough it was safe. There are so many people in this park too afraid to get an attorney thanks to the threats they received over the years from employees of the previous owners and Sun. The manager of this park sent out threatening letters to all the residents. This letter told residents they would be punished if they removed their homes from the park. This letter was written on Sun Communities own head letter. People in this park were lied to by salespeople who told new residents they were water front and they would have to pay an extra amount in their rent for that bonus. After the residents later found out they were only water view, they complained and the new sales pitch has changed, no longer telling people they were water front, but they were water view or premium. This way the owners could still charge that extra amount and, also avoid returning the money to those they lied to, thanks to Florida government agencies who always side with the business owner, never the tenant. The lease clearly states you are responsible for lawns and shrubs, but makes no mention of trees. But, after you buy, you will find out you are responsible for maintaining trees on your leased land, even though those trees were there before the park was even built, but the state of Florida's government agencies will again, always side with the owner, never the tenant.

If you want to be part of this nightmare, please, by all means, come to a land / lease park in Florida. You will immediately find out how corrupt this system is against you. Do yourself a favor and buy in a community where you own the land instead of renting it, where the other tenants can never abuse the rules or regulations and intentionally destroy where you live.

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