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Haines City, FL, United States
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Hello, I am an owner in Central Park 1 in Haines City FL. I purchased my park model in 2015 and absolutely love the park and the people. The management at this park has struggled. We have been purchased and sold a few times since I purchased and staff changes and corporate/billing policies changes have occurred each time the property has been sold. Currently, I am unable to receive any answer to a billing error. I believe I have been over charged a great deal through ACH. However, I can't confirm that because no one in the office will return a phone call or an email. I am the owner of a company and I would want someone to tell me if my customer service was not the best it could be. Perhaps the staff are not trained properly or are not capable of working in the billing department? I am unsure, but I know that I have tried since May 8th to speak with someone regarding an over charge on my account. I am happy to share the email chain with you in hopes that you can help me find some answers. I am not going to be able to resolve this without your assistance. Please advise. 802.376.8730 is my best #.
Rebecca L Sanford Lot #154 1501 W Commerce Ave, Haines City, FL 33844 Thank you in advance!

Jun 02, 2017

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