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San Francisco, Canada
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I received notice that Sugarsync had tried to renew my annual subscription but my cc on file was no longer valid. I had to get a new AX card because of an unrelated fraud issue. I immediately cancelled my subscription (I had not been using SS for about 16 months because of a number of file corruption issues and uninstalled if off of my computer) because of the file problems I had had and the fact that I was not using the service any longer. After this, they were able to get my replacement card number and put the charge though. I called customer support and they said too bad, contract is a contract. I called AX and they tried to reverse the charge but SS came back with saying the charge is sticking. I just called AX about it and they are eating the charge. Thank you American Express - you are a great company!
Sugarsync you are not, if that is how you treat your customers who cancel within a day of the renewal date!

Jul 14, 2015

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