Stoney Fork Paso Fino FarmThey are dishonest and they have stolen my money

Months ago I ordered a saddle and bit, it took 2 months to finally recieve my saddle and bit, and I was sent the wrong order. I phoned Stoney Fork Pasos and she told me, my husband and also a witness friend, that she apologizes for sending the wrong order, go ahead and send it back and she would refund my money. Now it's been months and months and she will not return my money. With many phone calls, and emails, attempting to get my money back, she has refused to return it, I've been told so many lies and stories through this whole thing. She kept telling me, over and over I'm taking care of it, it's on it's way, I have many saved emails with proof of her stating that she will return my money. And she still refuses to return. She now has my saddle and my bit back and also has my money. I do know of some others that have had this happen to them also through this same company. I recieved my final email from her yesterday, stating that she was not going to return my money. So I have no other choice but to go everywhere I can now to attempt to get my money back. I've never stolen from someone before, and I cannot believe Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm has stolen my money. I do not know how you can treat a customer this way. Please be aware of Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm. They are dishonest and they have stolen my money.


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