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steve towe / psychopath, abuser, low life, abuses harasses women online

1 Leesburg, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 3526388677

women beware of this narcissistic and psychopath. I met this freak off a dating website, he promised to take me to a local event. However...upon acting as if he was getting tickets to the venue...he literally kept me on the phone for over an hour...not really talking but insulting me, trying to talk over me, dominate me put me down...and use this situation as a control mechanism to abuse me. He asked for personal information then called me names because I didn't have a twitter or facebook. He said it was "weird" i didnt have a facebook, then he basically, said i was calling him 'stupid' because I said i didnt have a facebook and that a lot of people don't have facebook. he seemed to be using the situation against me---that I wanted to go to the local event and he kept saying he was getting tickets, but in essence he was just lying to me and leading me on. He kept trying to find "local information" on me and I said i didn't have it. He siad "it's "WEIRD" really WEIRD you dont have a facebook...that's STRANGE and there's something fishy going on here. then when i said there wasn't anything fishy...he'd say "ARE YOU CALLING ME STUPID?? DONT CALL ME STUPID"!!! this fuker is a total CREEP and freak...beware on another level. he is as sicko nutjob and a pathological liar. He is a sick twisted freak, really ugly and weird and psychopathic.
basically...he had me on the phone to abuse and insult me...then when I asked about him getting tickets, he said "well how do i know you're not just going to use the ticket and then run away." I said well you've been talking to me for over an hour...i would think that if you can see that I'm normal. then he began saying "well you're trying to HIDE things from me'... FOR instance...I dont know where you work or where you went to school. I's not a good thing to tell someone where they work...he began bullying harassing and putting me down. then accused me of calling him "stupid." Then he began insulting and harassing me more...then finally hung up on me...crazy sick twisted freak...stay away from this nutcase...this thing is a total nutcase warped and scarier he uses women on the internet to abuse harass and bully and holds local events on them if he knows they want to go to them. It's a really creepy situation and people this demented and deranged and not safe or normal people to be around or know. White trash and crap hideous person that you find online that lures women just so he can control/absue them for no reason at all. Sick twisted freak beware...and don't want other women to go through the same thing of ever even knowing this hideous despicable ugly troll and reject...

Mar 29, 2013
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      11th of May, 2018
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    I'm an a investigator and have found no evidence this ever happened to my client. I have a very good idea who this is, simply put a heart broken ex girlfriend. She is a BPD sufferer, which creates a passion of getting even and ruining people, if they feel they may be abandoned. Since she will not come out of the dark with her real name, we assume this is her using reasonable deduction of the timing and the need to do it over multuple sites. She has shown a similar pattern over a decade . She falsely accused two guys with dometic battery charges only for both to be dropped. Intersting enough, she was charged with felony domestic battery which were dropped after her husband realized it was going to take her away from the kids, and refused to testify. The police were called to her residence over 20 times which caused to DCS to put her on a watch list. I will not mention names since I can't prove this site th is anonymous, but we challenge het to come out of the dark with her real name and contact info and proof this happened.

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