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Starbucks / bug in my drink

Un Jun 15, 2015 Review updated:

I purchased a hot, grande caramel macchiato from the starbucks location off of 8th/broadway in oakland, ca. When I was almost done with my drink I opened the lid and noticed something unusual in my cup, so I used the lid cover to move it up on the lid for a better look. Turns out, the unusual thing was a small bug. Photo attached. There's no way it could've flown in because my lid was completely covered.


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      21st of Jun, 2015

    I'm sorry for the bad experience you had. I had something similar happen to me once. It actually grossed me out so much that I haven't drank a coffee from Starbucks anymore. When I went to open the lid, there was an eyebrow floating inside the coffee. I told the employee working there about this incident and she apologized and served me a cup of hot brewed coffee, which I ended up drinking, but never again.

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