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I purchased a red micro fiber couch & loveseat threw Value City Furniture In Lexington, Ky on Sept 17, 2007. While the salesman was just trying to make a sale, I stressed to him numerous times, that I have children, and I will pay whatever I have to, to make sure this couch has a warranty incase of stains, etc. He ASSURED me that STAINSAFE was a great company, and I paid a extra $119.99 to recieve a 7 year warranty threw Stainsafe. Almost a year to the day of the purchase, I have been given the run around by Stainsafe, Only to have a Crazy looking technician show up at my door, Someone contracted threw Stainsafe to SPOT CLEAN my couch. When he arrived, he showed me the paperwork Stainsafe gave him, and it said he was cleaning "RED STAINS" not a RED COUCH!, When in fact, it was applejuice that was spilled. Their is NO REASON this claim shouldn't have been completed! This man sent by Stainsafe said he did NOT feel comfortable touching this kind of fabric that was red, he was afraid the chemicals in his solution would ruin the fabric, so he would let Stainsafe know someone else needed to come for this claim. 2 weeks later, I hadn't heard anything from Stainsafe, so I called, 45 Min later, after talking to a supervisor, they tell me they have to deny my claim all together, because the "Contractor" (whom was threw U..S Quality Service) put it in writing to Stainsafe that he didn't touch my couch because their was " Stains all over, both require professional cleaning" and when I called Stainsafe about it, their response was " We send contractors that do spot cleaning, not general cleaning". I was given the run around for weeks. And never once did they come clean a stain off my 1300$ couch/loveseat which was just applejuice. If anyone knows what my next move should be, please email me @ pamela.[protected] I feel like I was robbed, and aparently I am not the only one.

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  • Ms
      7th of Nov, 2008

    I also bought a micro fiber livingroom set from Value City Furniture but in Calumet City IL. My husband and I spent something like $1400 on this set. Unfortunately STAINSAFE was the company we bought our warranty with. It's been something like two years and we had not tried to used this warranty once until now. We recently called stainsafe to get our entire livingroom set cleaned and a couple of rips fixed. For some reason the CSR did not list in our complaint it was the whole set that needed servicing. He was so busy talking about everything else that had nothing to do with my set I'm sure this is why he did not put the correct information into the computer. We received a letter in the mail saying they had to replace the couch. 1st we are wondering why do they need to replace just our couch, 2nd we were wondering why they did not mention our other furniture. We put two and two together and said they must did not have the right information on our complaint. We called in to check up on the status of the complaint only to find out that the couch was the only thing mentioned in the report. I told the CSR that the whole set needed to be serviced and that I told the first rep this. She told me to send pic in and we did. We then called in a couple of days later and was told the same thing about our couch being the only thing in the complaint and we could not add the rest of our furniture to the complaint as it should have been in the beginning. I asked to speak to a supervisor and when he got on the phone he told me our claim was denied all together. I asked him how and he said because we made the claim for our other pieces to late although I made a claim for everything at one time. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he was the higher power there and he will be disconnecting the call and hung up on me. I sent a full report in to the BBB about this company and their reponse was so rediculously unprofessional and insulting they should be embarrassed as a company. I asked for a full refund of my warranty money so I can go to a professional company that does professional work and I'm now waiting on the reponse from this company. I also asked for an apology for getting hung up on. I advise any and everybody never do business with them and they will soon be out of business because of their business practices. They have so many complaints against them just go to the BBB website and you will see.

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  • Mr
      7th of Apr, 2011

    I sooo wish I had read up on this company before I purchased in 2008! My 5 year old fell asleep and peed on my brown microfiber couch also purchased from Value City Furniture. I purchased this couch just after having a baby and was told it was exactly what I needed in case baby peed, pooped or spit up on it. I was specifically told I could call every day if that so happened and they would come out and clean it no problem. Yah right! Just tried to make a claim and denied! When asked if there was a stain I was honest and said it was more like a discoloration more than a stain. Denied! Nope, has to have a stain. Even though it specifically states bodily fluids is covered. I called the store and they said they would have it taken care of themselves...they better come through or my next call is the local television station. Hope this keeps someone else from getting ripped off!

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