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Stainsafe / Sofa Warranty

1 FL, United States

I don't even know where to begin...I bought a couch and love seat set from Value City (Michigan) in OCTOBER 2008!!! It is now July 24, 2009!!! When I first called about a claim (brand new couch), they called a tech from over 100 miles away to come into my home and clean my sofa. The stain did not come out of coarse. All he did was spray some cleaning liquid on the cushions and steam cleaned them. I called to note that the stain was not gone and they (SS) said the tech has to be notified and come out again. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! First of all, from the first visit...the tech was scary, arrived late as usual, and was there for about 10 minutes to clean the sofa. So, back to trying to get a 2nd visit from the tech...I left several messages with no call back. Called SS to see what's up. SS couldn't even get ahold of the stupid company!!! I have lost track on how many times I have called this company. I still can't believe this company. However, the story still continues...

I called to note a new claim (actually, it was the same stain...thought I could get somewhere with them...). I asked about what's going on and such. They said that since the tech did not call them or me back and they have been trying to get ahold of the tech, that they will issue a letter to me for a new couch. Yeah right! I called about 8 weeks later to check on the status of that...they had no record of anyone telling me about a new couch...errrrrrr!!! So, I aksed again what the deal is...they said that the tech did not give SS a service report from my cleaning visit (he submitted the wrong report) and they have been waiting to receive it from the stupid tech.

I'm not going into detail about SS "providing outstanding customer service"...I was even scolded by the customer service representative!!! I feel like giving up, but after reading all the other reveiws, I'm not so alone now! I don't know what else to do. The last customer service rep that I talked to said keep calling so they can keep the file active and updated...whatever. I just want my couch fixed :(

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