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I have been a long time client of sprint's and have been recently taken for a ride regarding my new iphone 5. I purchased the iphone 4s some time ago when it first came out and I didn't have any issues whatsoever. The service and phone worked out great for me. Recently I traded in my 4s to purchase the iphone 5 from a sprint store in shrewsbury, massachusetts and it's been nothing short of a nightmare.

I have had serious connections issues with text, email, and internet. I have had the phone replaced by apple and still the problems persist. I have gone to 3 separate sprint store's searching for a resolution but they all simply state that it's a known issue with the iphone 5 and ios 6 system. They also state that there is nothing they can do.

After going back and forth with sprint they offered to terminate my contract if I send them the device back. This seems almost fair except they now have my 4s and will not give it back or replace it. This means that not only will I have no phone, they will have taken my original 4s that I paid for I will have to spend more money to go buy a new one. I have asked them to replace the phone and they said no. They stated that they would only sell me one and that the money's I used to buy the admittedly defective iphone 5 is gone and I am basically screwed. I asked them why they would want to end a relationship like this as I have been a long time paying customer and tenisha their customer sales rep stated "is that all sir". I got the point. I am hoping the social media gods will get someone to wake up over there and help the little guy out.

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      Aug 19, 2014

    After being with Sprint they dropped the ball with me to. Having little to no signal in my house and other peoples calls routed to ours and vice versa for over two years. All they would say was their in the middle of an upgrade and it would get better. They did send an air rave hot spot after a year but even that had it's problems. The darn thing would not let me send texts way to often.My phone would say error in the network. I have to say that I've seen Sprint go from the best to near the bottom and for $70 per line with 3 lines it just isn't work the screw ups anymore. 4 lines with tmobile for $100 with 10 gigs of data ??? Heck text to 160 countries...For sure. Free service when in those 160 countries..Done deal. Sprint??? You sucked me out of every penny and this is the end of it...Sprint...You are done!!!

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