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Sports Authority / defective merchandise and bad customer service

1 125 E. El Camino RealSunnyvale, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (408) 732-6400

I bought a pair of running shorts on 5/9/09 while visiting family. When I got home 60 miles away and tried them on I found the magnetized plastic theft preventor still attached to the shorts and was unable to get it off, rendering the shorts unwearable. There is no Sports Authority where I live.

I called the store to complain. The manager was properly apologetic, but his only suggestion of help was that I take it to a nearby Big Five, which also has the same devices and ask if they would remove it. To me, that speaks volumes about the lack of interest in maintaining a positive corporate image and customer relations. I am not going to do that. I am going to hold on to the shorts until I'm over that way again, and then return them, and never shop at Sports Authority again.

If this is typical of this chain's attitude toward customers I can only think of two words: Circuit City (which, probably karmically, was located next door to this Sports Authority). Good riddance to poor corporations.

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  • Vm
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Wow, I am very sorry this happend to you. I JUST quit my job at sports authority about two weeks ago. I worked in customer service and rang people out, I occasionally DID miss some security tags, and some of them are disarmed for one reason or another and dont go off upon exit. It is very easy to miss security tags when dealing with a high volume of customers and clothing and trying to provide a quick checkout. I remeber MANY times a day, I would slowly and thourhouly go through a customers clothing to ensure i didn't miss any tags and the customer would actually get boystrous and yell at me to hurry up, and i try to explain to them why i am not rushing through the process and they would simpli say "just hurry up i dont have all day" i am not a person with feelings. when your shopping people often forget how tedious and most of the time an annoyance a retail job is. That really is an inconvieneice that you dont have a SA around where u live, but MANYY if not all retail stores have the same devices to take off security tags. everyone does make mistake, and it is unfortunate you were a victim of one. esspecially in retail. the manager really couldnt have done anything but appologixe. you would be suprised how offten it does happen when you are comletely frazzled with managers breathing down your neck, customers complaining to you(when they should be speaking to a manager but refuse to), and high traffic and loads of merchandise

  • Li
      3rd of Apr, 2010
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    I'm a bit confused... An accident occurred, you called the store and got a prompt response from management and a viable solution. What did you want to happen? Someone come out to you with a sensor remover? It doesn't work like that. The sensor removers can't even be removed themselves from the registers. I would know this because I am a cashier who is employed there! If you do not live by a TSA, that is unfortunate, but not a reason to be critical of the response you received to go to another store who most likely carriers the same sensor removers. I mean, there really is no other solution for you other than going back to the store. I really don't understand what you would have rather occurred in this situation.

    As a cashier, I miss sensors all the time and obviously, not on purpose. Sometimes, items aren't properly deactivated by the sensor pad, other times, associates have double tagged items and after removing a sensor, another remains despite my aggressive rubbing of the item over the sensor pad failing to set off the alarm. There is a high volume of tagged items going through each register at checkout and due to the pressure to keep sale speeds up and lines down, as well as attempts at maintaining any kind of semblance of good customer service, tags are inevitably missed.

    I don't know what more you could have wanted other than "here is the easiest, most convenient solution" and "have a nice day." I can't think of a reason you wouldn't want to have the tag removed unless you did in fact steal the item. Perhaps the next time something beeps when you an exit a store, you should turn around and see if maybe it's you.

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