[Resolved] Spokeo / refund, cancell membership today 30 days later by credit card

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My name is patricia younger, visa card number 9959 account number [protected], puchase date for all acounts today 4/30/15 I want a credit for $1. 95, patricia younger, [protected], 7550 granada blvd, miramar, fl 33023. Subscription is free the document saysfor fiirst 30 days so it is legally free. Do not charge myself $17. 95 / month. I cancel everything with spokeo 4/30/15 7:34pm est. Account number [protected], cancel today $14. 85 chargeno purchase price since I cancel the same day. I have other accounts I cancel 4/30/14. I will not be charged for anything, according to us business dept. You must honor your contract or mr. Tang can be sued. I will put the other accounts numbers and make a copy plus I documented everything. Account number [protected], amount $5. 85, free all accounts canceled the same day 4/30/15. Now I will only put the accont number and contact my credit card. Cancel $20. 70 every 3 months. I have two copies of the same account number so do not double bill. Cancel [protected], the third time you used the same account number.. I made copies of everything. Cancel charge of $49. 95 court mark hardesty fouth time you used same acct number.. Alleged fraud. End 3 month e - mail subscription ending 3541. No charge fro $5. 85 and $26. 55 every three months. Last cancel court record charge $8. 85 refund, and no charge for $2. 95 cancel every 30th of month or three months, of $35. 40, or I will sue mr. Harrison tang. Have a good night. Patricia younger, [protected] Florida, usa tel: [protected]. 7:51pm 4/30/15 thursday.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Spokeo Customer Care's Response, May 05, 2015

    Dear Patricia,

    I do apologize for any misunderstanding, unfortunately Spokeo does not offer any free trials for our People Search service. I was successful in locating your Spokeo account with the information you provided. Our records show multiple charges for multiple subscriptions to Spokeo Services. Spokeo Single Record - $1.95, Spokeo Address Search - $14.85, Spokeo Name Search - $5.85, Single Court Record - $49.95, Spokeo Email Search - $5.85, Spokeo Court Record 3-Month Subscription - $8.85. Each service to which you subscribed requires acceptance of the terms and conditions which clearly states the price of each subscription before the purchase process can be completed.

    The additional charges you see are for the Spokeo Address Search, Name Search, Single Court Record, Email Search, and Court Record subscription features totaling $87.30. The Spokeo Friends feature aggregates data from multiple social media products allowing users to view their friends’ latest updates, posts, pictures, and more in one convenient place. This is the only feature offered during the Spokeo People Search purchase process as a promotion for a 30-day free trial of the Friends service.

    If this free trial is not disabled before the end of the trial period, the subscription automatically renews. We try to make this renewal process clear on the Spokeo Friends purchase page by including it in the disclaimer which must be agreed to before the purchase can be processed. This information is also included in the confirmation receipt sent immediately after payment. I do apologize again if this was unclear in any way.

    As this feature is separate from your Spokeo People Search subscription, the service also needs to be disabled separately. Per your request, I have canceled all of the subscriptions associated with your account and have issued refunds totaling $87.30. Please allow 5-7 business days for this refund to be reflected on your bank statement.

    Please feel free to contact us directly should you have any further questions or concerns.



    Phone: 1 (888) 906-0850

  • Spokeo Customer Care's Response, Jul 01, 2015

    Dear Mohammad,
    For assistance with issues regarding charges to your account, please contact a member of our customer care team at [protected], or by calling 1-888-906-0850 to explain your issue. In order for a Spokeo subscription to be created, a user must navigate to our website at and either click on the "Sign Up" button or perform a search and click on the "Get Full Results" button. The user would then be required to enter in a full 16 digit credit or debit card number along with the card's matching security code, cardholder name, card expiration date, card billing zip code, and enter a valid email address that becomes the username associated with the account. Once this information has been entered, the Terms of Use agreement must be checked and agreed to and then the "Purchase" button must be hit. Once these actions are completed and the information is verified as valid and matching, the user must then fill out a brief survey and set an account password to begin using the subscription. A purchase confirmation receipt is also sent to the account's email address.
    Please contact us directly should you have any further questions or concerns.
    The Spokeo Team

  • Spokeo Customer Care's Response, Aug 03, 2015

    Dear Jamey,
    For assistance with this matter please contact a member of our Customer Care team at [protected], or by calling 1-888-906-0850. At this time, I would like to explain; When you signed up, you selected our Single Search with Premium Trial plan, which provided you with an initial $0.95 Single Record as well as additional free Premium access for 7 days. As long as the trial is cancelled within 7 days, the account does not continue. Because your trial was not disabled within 7 days, a recurring subscription fee began to charge. Accounts of this type automatically renew if left active to prevent any service interruption. We try to make this very clear by detailing this on our payment page, including it in the disclaimer which has to be agreed to before the purchase is processed. In addition, the information is included in the confirmation receipt sent immediately after payment, as well as in our Terms of Use. I do apologize again if this was unclear in any way.

Apr 30, 2015
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  • Co
      Apr 30, 2015

    Thanks for posting your personal information! I need a new TV.

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  • Mo
      Jun 15, 2015

    Account Number: 61009941
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing to refund money to my bank account that you have taken from my bank account from 08/04/2014-15/06/2015.IJust saw a total charge£208.00 from 08/04/2014-15/06/2015 on my bank statement from your company.I denand my money back!I never allowed your company charged me and take money from my bank.It is very disturbing to me.Please stop take money from my bank account and cancel it after that. I better see my money back in my bank account as fast as you took it.
    I wanted to get back the money that has been illegally taken from my bank account.It is fruad from your company.I have reported to place last nigth If you do not back my money I will continue my complain.You have taken money from my account without authorisation.Please refund £208.00 to my bank account.Thank you so much.
    I am looking for to hear from you
    Kind regard
    Mohammad Javad Khajeh-Ahmadi

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  • Ja
      Jul 28, 2015

    I am having money taken out every month from spokeo .. I paid .95 cent for a one time deal and never used it again . You ask for my ac count number and I don know what it is because I didn't know I had an account. There was a place to sign in but wouldn't take my password and didn't recognize my email . It's the only email I have . I don't want to plaster my info here but I want to stop this money from coming out of my account and cancel spokeo. [protected]

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