Splash-n-Go Car WashVery Bad Service, Owner Could Care Less.


This car wash is not well maintained and the owners apparently could care less. Hoses, brushes, and the auto car washes are often broke, and the vacuums don't work well. The last time I was there the auto car wash took $7 from me and never started the wash cycle. I called the number associated with this car wash and left numerous messages. I even mailed a typed letter to them with all my contact info. This happened about 2 months ago and to this day they have not contacted me regarding the refund they owe me. I have even filed a complaint with the BBB and Splash-n-Go has yet to respond. As was previously stated this car wash is not well maintained and the owners do not care. As a matter of fact about a year or so ago, during the winter, the doors lowered on the wash bay, my car was sprayed with soap and the machine stopped. Lucky for me someone was there to manually lift the doors from the outside. I was given a refund, but that should not have happened. If no one had been there I don't know how I would have gotten out of the wash bay. So CUSTOMERS BEWARE. If you don't mind loosing your money or being trapped in a wash bay get on down to the Splash-n-Go car wash on Leestown Rd 40511.

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