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Spg Consultants / SPG Consultants Is a scam

1 Qu├ębec, Canada Review updated:

After having done some preliminary research on SPG Consultants I can tell you a few things, they are not an incorporated company and it is run by Winston Grant and Ranier Narine. These individuals are responsible for for a slew of complaints in the online directory business and seem to use these tactics as a way of trying to discredit a large portion of there competitors. They either own or are involved in several business directory schemes themselves including, Data Source 411 and I have serious reservations that this is a legitimate list of scam companies considering is among the "outed"companies. There have been several blog complaint posts regarding their supposed scam prevention companies and most of which are negative. Accoring to one poster "Amanda says:

July 9, 2010 at 9:02 pm
SPG Consultants is a SCAM. SPG Consultants promised me that if I paid them they would cancel all my existing invoices from telemarketing companies that sell advertising. I had a total of five outstanding invoices, all for directory advertising. I received a letter from only one company stating that they would cancel the invoice. Another company told me that SPG Consultants was actually affiliated with some of these scam telemarketing companies based out of Montreal, Canada. I looked them up on their website and I noticed that they were based out of Montreal. I tried calling them using the phone number listed on their website and I would always get a voice mail and then I would get a call back. After doing some research I found out that the phone number listed on their website is actually a cellular phone with Telus Mobility. I Have reported SPG Consultant to the RCMP and they have told be they are currently in the process of investigating this company. They have advised me not to pay any invoices and to not accept any calls from SPG Consultants.

Consumers need to remember the internet has no filter on the information it makes available to people so don't believe everything you read...except this of course!

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      15th of Nov, 2010
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    thank you for the wonderful post, It means alot to us here at scam stoppers.

    SPG and Winston Grant are scammers, If he has contacted you DO NOT send him any money, you will just be throwing it away!

    If you feel like you have been a victum of business directory fraud, contact SCAM STOPPERS at 888 315 5770 and start fighting back today!!!


    Robert Bradley (owner)

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Scam Stoppers is a scam the BBB has issued and warning about this company.
    Mis-use of BBB Name
    This firm has illegally used the Better Business Bureau’s name on its Web site at On November 18, 2010, the BBB requested that this firm cease and desist all unauthorized use of the BBB name and logo on its website. The BBB is awaiting the firm’s response.
    THIS FIRM IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH AND IS NOT ENDORSED by the Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York, the service area in which it is headquartered.
    This is an update to the latest tactics that Robert Duskes from has been involved with.
    He has for the last couple of months been posting complaints through Better Business Bureau but using other clients names and businesses as the ones who are posting the complaint. However, if one looks at the actual complaints, the email and phone numbers posted belong to scamstoppers. Furthermore, if a reply is posted to the complaint, bbb is not the one who answers back, in fact, it is scamstoppers pretending to be a representative of bbb that answers back. The way to go around it is to actually go directly to bbb website itself and post a reply. Our response was to first acknowledge that any customer complaints would be dealt with directly with the customer and/or an actual true representative of bbb. Furthermore, we stated that we would not deal with any complaints made from scamstoppers as they are a scam themselves and we provided all the links where bbb could view all comments made about scamstoppers. As well we have informed bbb that is has on their webstite a statement that they are affiliated with bbb, which of course they are not, that is a total lie on their part. Since then, we have received numerous responses from bbb claiming they were unaware of some of the complaints sent by scamstoppers and they would investigate the situation. Also, there have been instance where we gather bbb contacted scamstoppers themselves and told them to remove and stop their complaints. How do we know this, well, shortly after we replied directly to bbb, some of the the actual complaints posted through scamstoppers were suddenly resolved without us having to actualy deal with the so called customer complaint. For all you businesses and people out there who are either dealing with scamstoppers' harrasing phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails, make sure to go over any bbb complaint thoroughly. Make sure the complaint is actually from bbb. In some instances they are not, they are from scamstoppers who are using bbb complaints web page without bbb's knowledge. Yup, they have gone that far. For all the businesses that have put faith in scamstoppers' help to void any fees they owe to other companies, you best check out all of the posts about them. More than likely, you are being scammed yourselves. If you want to resolve your bills, we suggest you deal with the companies you owe money to directly.More than likely, an agreement can be made directly with them. Paying scamstoppers to do that is not only costing you money, but, also, you risk having your credit rating damaged by the actual companies you owe money to.

    This company charges so much to so called helping me with my invoices, but he has so many complains with the NY attorney general, his listesd as a scam himself, his not the scamstopper, his the scamstarter, i already reported him to the RCMP and Phonebusters in canada and FTC in USA, He is the owner of the company and he has other directory companies ralated to the fake yellow pages and several. He also has a coloreful resume on and all over the internet! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM WATCH OUT PEOPLE DON'T FALL FOR THIS GUY!!!
    the list of complaints on this company is long just google Robert Bradley Duskes

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Robert Duskes -

    4570 Saint Kevin, apt.11, Montreal, Quebec
    1324 Lexington Avenue, #286 New York 10128
    United States of America
    Phone: 888-315-5770
    Web Address:

    Category: Questionable Activities

    Submitted: Friday, October 01, 2010

    Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010
    I am so happy I found all these warnings on Robert Duskes...if only I had seen them before he hired me!

    Let me give you a first hand account! I worked with Robert in his crummy little the way...he says he's surrounded by important lawyers...more like pimps and other telemarketing rooms...there are at least 2 other scam telemarketing companies that work in the same building...I friends work in them!

    I worked for Robert's main business

    Right beside me was another telemarketer, he would call all the important businesses that weren't paying on the behalf of Robert's other company a joke...just like Robert is. Robert didn't dress to well I guess he's not making that much money...and yes I can confirm...the office is trash's cheap..just like Robert. Robert owes me $546.31 Canadian dollars...I don't think I'll ever get you know what...I am going to post 546 comments on Robert and how cheap and scammy he is...that's called both ways!

    I sold on average 5 directories per day...other telemarketers sold up to 20 per day!

    By the way...I read his comments...his name is not Robert Bradlely...Bradley is his middle name, his real last name is DUSKES...why do you think he would lie on that point? I know...he's a scammer that's why. It was a crappy experience working there...I think I'll be taking another profession! Telemarketing

    Anyways...I am happy that I can give my unique point of view...I hope he gets stopped, arrested...he deserves it...all day long his company just scams people! I am sure he will get what he deserves! $546! Man! What a waste of my time! I should have a picture of him soon...this way you all can see the face of the con man himself!

    Remember one thing Robert if you read this... you won't last long..all scams come to an end...and if you rip both your own employees and customers off...that's bad news for you!

    Nationwide Business Directory. My job was to call Canadian and American businesses to sell them a bogus directory between $399 to $499...whatever I could sell. This was my first telemarketing job...and guess was a total scam...and in the end I got scammed...Robert didn't pay my last paycheck!

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      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Here is a link for everyone to see from the BBB website on Scamstoppers

  • Pi
      22nd of Mar, 2014
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    i have checked into all the scamstoppers
    SPG Consultants they are all ###ed up and can burn for picking on the hard working people, they dont know how to work just scam people if the law would give me a legal ten minutes with them ill be gladly to pay my bogus invoices to them.. ill pay with a fist full of cash

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