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I do apriciate the effort that this company has put in order to find the bad apples about telemarketing companies, but there is flaw in their so called list of scams companies or so called salles pitch & so on, i'm sure there is some companies that actually do it, wich is illegal & unfair to the customers, but in my little research i also found out that SPG Consultant are making false allegations about some companies on their so called list of bad companies(when i say some it means like 2% of the list), also they put false information about them, i figured out why, is to create for themself a good name for the customers, they havent conducted any constructive investigations, nor do they have any true facts, they only assume that because 1 company or 2 or 3, uses that sales pitch, they assumed that everybody those same, probably thats why alot of those companies haven't been shut down, is because SPG Consultatnts doesn't have the true facts, they keep putting false informations about companies, they just simply choose to "slander" companies because it's easier to make themself look like the "good guys", so in a way they are also Misleding their customers just like the Telemarketing companies.

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      15th of Nov, 2010

    What a great post! SPG CONSULTANTS is a big scam... I work for a business called Scamstoppers. They help people who have fallen victim to the business directory scam. In the few months I have worked for Scamstoppers I have heard that alot of the victims of the business directory scam have been contacted by Winston Grant and SPG CONSULTANTS. From what I know, SPG calls up offering help to the victim and then scams the victim for 600$ or so... DONT FALL FOR THE SCAM!!! contact scamstoppers for real help, We file complaints against these companies every day to the RCMP, Us Postal Inspectors as well as many other agenceys and can get the calls to stop once and for all


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