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Southwest Bulldogs / Poor service!

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My husband and I made the mistake of "inquiring" about the bulldogs this MR. JOHNSON claims to breed or own. I was very curious as to why he claims his bulldogs are the Best and his kennel is the only one to buy from as we were also in the market for a show quality bulldog not to breed or show just to own and love. First thing out of his mouth when I asked my questions was... "My name and kennel say it all" All of his answers were arrogant and down right out of line absolutely NOT helpful. Matter of fact he went as far as naming other AZ breeders to stay away from very bluntly to say the least. I was so driven away from him that I did exactly opposite from what he told me to do, I called every breeder he warned against and thank God I did. I found my bulldog at the one kennel he spoke the worst of. Which I will not post the name of because the owner has asked that I not mention them because they want no part of MR. JOHNSON or the kennel he is so proud of. I am posting this warning in huge hopes any potential buyers will beware of his arrogance and bad advice. I have also since found most of his knowledge that he shares toward the bulldog breed is bogus. Very misleading and incorrect. His dogs are entirely over priced and not at all the quality he wants to think they are. I would also like to add my opinion of his call to fame "MEATY" I feel sorry for the owner if he too was mislead to believe he was buying or getting a "show quality bulldog" although he may be a nice dog he certainly isn't one I would call a good example of the breed. I love my bulldog not only for his quality of appearance but for his perfect health and wonderful well rounded disposition. I am grateful I didn't fall in to his trap and I hope each and every person who has had a bad experience will be able though law suit and or other agencies be able to recoup their losses. I am here to say what comes around goes around and Mr. Johnson will see that I am sure.

Alley Tinley.

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  • Le
      12th of Oct, 2007
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    Well your lucky that Tommy & others complaints drove you to investigate this man and his family because I was one of the victims that purchased an EBD before being educated. She turned 1 today and I am grateful that I have her and she is still alive for her first birthday (today) however she wouldn't be here if I did not care for her needs. Everything he promises in the contract is never honored! There is no bumper to bumper warranty. I was reimbursed for the cherry eye removal but the vet bills for her aspiration pneumonia caused by her megaesophagus have never been reimbursed. Her megaesophagus has made it very expensive to care for her because I have to liquefy her food and elevate her feeding tray. But that's OK because I will do whatever I have to do in order for my Peanut Butter to live a long and healthy life! The last email that I received from Matt was that he needed his vet to examine my dog and if I did not honor that wish then we are done. The contract states that he has the right for his vet to perform services that they believe are excessive. They never complained about the excessive vet charges. They even went as far as to accuse me that I neglected my dog. I did not pay 5k+ to neglect my dog.

    A few months later I learned that my PB was an import from Hungary. I have never received her papers. I have a copy of the customs documents that prove that she was an import and the only way that I can prove it is that I asked my vet to scan her for the chip. They eventually found it in her left chest. The customs document and chip number prove that she was an import.

    I don't have anything against imported dogs because I purchased another EBD from a breeder in TX a few months later which was imported from Lithuania and is perfectly healthy. She's also twice the size of my PB! And she is only 7 months!

    If you are reading this Rick & Matt, I want to thank you for bringing my PB in to my life because I love her unconditionally. I know that she is not show quality. I know that I cannot breed her because of her defects. However I don't appreciate the fact that you lied and deceived me from the get go! I wished that I had the knowledge to research SWB! I pray that this complaint board educates others!

  • Bi
      1st of Nov, 2009
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    I have not purchased a pup from them, but I have visited their website. Rick's previous occupation must have been a T.V. minister! There are so many contradictions in his claims and I saw right through it! If you love bulldogs, stay far, far away from this so called reputible breeder!

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