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Southern Magazine Promotions / Never give your credit card number!

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I recently received a call from Bradley Evans and his supervisor, Melissa, from Southern Magazine Promotions. When I answered the phone, they said that I had been entered into a drawing by one of my credit card companies and that I won a free vacation and three magazines subscriptions. The only thing was that I had to pay for the fourth one. By the end of the phone call, I had signed up for six magazines and was paying $50 a month for 20 months. Of course I didn't do the math and was caught off guard. When I hung up the phone, I had realized that I just signed up for a $1000.00 magazine subscription. I called them back from my caller ID and said that I wanted to cancel the order that I just put in. Melissa told me that I couldn't and she would take a year off. So, I looked up their name on Google and found a link with a letter describing a similar situation listed on your website. I was able to get the whole canceled through the pushiness of my father.

I just wanted to add a complaint to let people know that they are out there again, and preying on anyone they get a hold of. They are fast talkers and will tell anything you want to hear, and then ask for a credit card number. I was gullible to fall for it, so I wanted to try help warn other consumers.


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  • Ni
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    My situation was just like the one on your website, about the free vacation and the 3 mag. subscriptions. My question is, how do you cancel it if you got duped?

  • Mi
      19th of Apr, 2007
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    I just got a call from "Pam", and got the "3-Day 2-Night + 3 mag" deal offered. After we spoke, and I found this post from the "Google God". So I said NO to the supervisor and she called me to confirm the order. After I said NO, she got mad and asked me why did I placed the order with Pam. I told her that I actually googled and found some "bad records" about them after I spoke with Pam. She told me not to place any order in the future, and just hung up...

    Thanks to Amy and "Google God", I was able to avoid a possible fraud!!!

  • Me
      21st of May, 2007
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    These people called me a few days ago and I yes'ed them to death. Bobbie Pritchard was the person who called me and she told me her manager would be calling to confirm that she was pleasant and to give me more info. When the manager called she confirmed everything that Bobbie told me then proceeded to ask what credit card I would like to use for the subscription I was going to pay for. Once I heard this I was like yeah right buddy, and told them I had to think about it then hung up. They are presistant, though. They tried calling me back about 5 times after that. Thank God I avoided that crap!!!

  • Su
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    Does anyone have advice on how to cancel this without affecting your credit? I got suckered!!


  • Du
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    Same thing happened to me. Was a little drunk and got totally suckered. I also found out if you do not pay they threaten to turn you into the collection agency!!! Total Rip Off!!!

  • Lo
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    These people are terrible. They got my daughter. She is paying $40.00 for god knows how long. Stay away. If you did get taken. Call them back and tell them you want to cancel. When they say you can't and want to play back your recorded message tell them you are going to file a complaint to the better business bureau. They are marketing under Southern Magazine Promotions and Reader's Resource Center out of Montana. I was then told that we could cancel but it would take up to 2-3 months and that my daughter would still have to pay. I didn't accept that and asked to speak with a supervisor. A man came on the phone and said he needed to send a letter to me, and I insisted he fax it. He said he would. When it didn't show up , I called back and got another person, she said they print the next day and would be faxed. Then when I fax it back they will cancel immediately. I'm not falling for that one. I went out on the Southwest Georgia Better Business Bureau. Found an email address and have sent a request that the account be canceled and that my daughter be refunded the entire amount she paid. I also live in Wisconsin and had indicated that I would turn them into the State of Wisconsin Attorney General. Keep at them. You will get it canceled.


  • Vi
      24th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    It's ILLEGAL for these companies to require a purchase of something else in order to claim a sweepstakes prize. Mention it to them and save yourself a lot of trouble, even if you've already said YES. Also mention you're reporting them to the national fraud center.

  • Mi
      8th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I understand what you are talking about. they are very persistent and even managed to get my boyfriends cell phone number somehow seeing if i was with him. I just want them to leave me alone and stop taking my money!!!

  • Ly
      11th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes it is illlegal for a company to require a purchase in order to claim a sweepstakes... and the whole buisness is fraudulent and the shoule be closed down...think of all the elderly people who are taken in... lets work together to get rid of these uncaring people who have no consideraion for other people. Thank you!

  • Km
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    They are at it again and they have cell phone numbers because i just got off the phone with them. BEWARE!!! Buy a weekly magazine for $4.00 week for 20 months that's a whole lot of cash that i don't have to throw around.

  • Be
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    I got a call from Bobbie Pritchard from Southern Magazine in June telling me that I was eligible to win a lot of money and free vacations and that sort of crap. I should have told them right off that I wasn't interested, but I staid on the line and answered all their questions. I was driving through a construction zone at the time, I wasn't paying attention, I just answered their questions quickly so I could get off the phone without being rude. Next thing I know, I'm getting a confirmation call on an order I placed for 2 years worth of magazines. I had no one to go to to help me get out of this mess and ended up giving them $800 for magazines that I never read.

    That was in June. Last night I received another call from a guy named Wayne. The name of their company had changed, they were in a new location. The man I spoke to said he was updating their records, and I answered questions like, "Are you renting or owning?", "How long have you lived there?", "Where do you work?", "How long have you worked there?", "How old are you?". I answered all these questions. Then the guy started telling me about the new special they had going on. I was like, "Ok, ok, ok..." never telling him that I wanted to buy anything. I got off the phone with him and got a confirmation call a few minutes later with some guy telling me that I just ordered another 2 years worth of magazines. I fought him on it this time, and my husband fought with him about it too. The guy started swearing at us, calling us liars. These people have our personal information and could do so much hurt to our credit. We've informed our banks, canceled accounts, and my husband called them back this morning to get all their general information (company name, manager, phone numbers, location, etc.) and we are reporting them to the BBB. We doubt we'll get our money back, all we want is to be left alone.

  • Re
      27th of Jan, 2008
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    Does anybody have the number to get ahold of these people I would really love to cancel this subscription!!!

  • Km
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    Hello, i literally just their call today 3 TIMES!!!! first i spoke to a women named shirley ( she said she was with SMP)and she spoke about the 3day two night vacation package to any 20 locations in the united states with free subscriptions to three magazines, except the third i would have to pay 16.64 a month. She gave me a confirmation number and said that i would be recieving a phone call from her supervisor. When he called, i told h im that i was not intereste. After the first phone call with shirley i went online and looked them up and i found this website amidst many others complaining about this fraudulent evil do'ers. When i told him i wasnt interested he got mad and said why didnt i tell her before everything got under way, i said things change and he got mad and hung up. I would never give any information about myself to them and nor did i. PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT BE GULIBLE!! She then called me back after her boss did, and she said what happened, i told her you guys are a fraud i just looked you up online and said leave me alone and dont call me, she got mad and i just hung up. Im currently in arizona and called my local 12News and let them know. Why do people do these things?! DONT be lured. I for sure was not.

  • Wa
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    I just received a call from SMP 20 minutes ago and Elronda told me I had won the vacation and two magazine subscriptions "free". She told me that someone would be calling to confirm. Thank goodness I am at a computer and immediately looked up this company. Sure enough as I am reading all the complaints Bradley calls and reviews my conversation with Elronda. Then he proceded to tell me that I could receive my TV guide I chose at $3 a week and to confirm that with a credit card. I told him that I would not give him my card number over the phone and also ask if I had to subscribe to TV guide. His answer was "we ask that you help out". I told him over and over again that I will not give out my credit card number and he stated that I would not be getting the "free trip" and to have a blessed day.

    How about that?

  • Ca
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    I just received a call from SMP a few minutes ago and Megan told me I had won the vacation (three days and two nights) and 4 magazine subscriptions for $3.87 a week for 5 years. She told me that her supervisor would be calling to confirm. Her supervisor called a few minutes after and he started to confirm everything I had spoke with Melissa. I told him to call later because I needed to think about it and he wanted me to decide immediately and I insisted. After a few minutes he said he would call back at the end of the day. I'm so glad I decided to research this SMP company before I made a decision and I found all this helpful comments. I am going to tell them they are a fraud and won't pay that much money for magazines.

  • We
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    i just noticed on my online banking account that this SMP company was taking money out of my account for magazines i never even wanted! Sheryl said that SMP would not take money out of my account until i gave them my activation number that she would soon give me.

    Well, i was busy at work when these people(SMP) were hassling me on the phone, so i told Sheryl that i didn't have time to discuss all of this at the moment, she said all i needed to write down was this activation number, i said i was busy, so she then said she would call back and leave a voice-mail with the activation number. She called back but never left the activation number.

    Now back to my online banking account. I noticed that they had already started taking money out of my account, or at least the payment was still pending, so i decide to call SMP about this. They never answered any of my calls. But anytime your account is charged money from a company like SMP the number for that company is listed in the description for example:

    Card Purchase MAGAZINE 8664524415 866-4524415 GA 39.92

    that is what you will see on your online banking account. Call that number that i have listed and get that ### cancelled or even get you money back.

  • We
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    this is the number that i called to get the payments cancelled. tell them you feel scammed about all of this. tell them you found a complaints board with hundreds of people complaining about SMP. Tell them you are hard up for cash already and you can't afford this ###, and you will get the payments cancelled. you just might even get your money back like i did.

    Just do yourselves a favor and research about companies like SMP before agreeing to anything.


  • Ju
      18th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Well it just so happens that i work for these people. I'm a representative. I'm the person who sales the magazines. What i dont understand is why you people are so ### about this. i mean after all YOU are the one who agreed in the first place. I can honestly say there are some ignorant people out there, never noticed it til i started working this job. No one is forcing you to buy anything, YOU make the decision. It is actually a pretty decent deal. afterall it is over the couse of five years. stop your whining

  • El
      19th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was also suckered in. I felt like a total loser. I tried to cancel, When i saw the charges on my account. but i couldn't, next time they call, i am going to try again. I am paying almost 50 dollars monthly. Its been 8 months now.And they have a nerve to keep calling me faithly saying i am a great costumer, and tries to offer me an additional magazine for free, which its total bologna. I couldn't believe i let myself get talked into something like that. I learned my lesson.


    Boston, ma

  • Bl
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Wow. I had no idea this many people were sucked into it. I gave out all my information and completely fell for it. I had a bad feeling about it the next day and canceled my credit card. So they havent been able to take any money out from my account. Now they sent me a bill that I needed to pay for $102. They keep sending me tons of magazines. But they never got a penny out of me. So in the end I guess I got a good deal. But yeah if this happens to you report them and cancel your dang card.

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