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South Fork Boxers / Sells sick/deaf puppies

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We recently purchased a boxer puppy from Rhyan King of South Fork Boxers and discovered she was sold to us when she already had an infection. We took her to the vet as soon as possible and they told us she had kennel cough. By that point, our other boxer had already gotten sick. The breeder is a vet tech, and it disturbs me greatly that she sold her to us at full price when you could look at her face and see that her sinuses were so infected that her eye was swollen shut and had green discharge oozing from it and her nose. We didn't notice when we made the purchase b/c it was after she fell asleep and woke back up that her poor face was a mess. We tried contacting her by phone and left her messages, also by text message and e-mail. So far, we have spent over $250 at the vet for antibiotics. This could have easily been avoided if she was simply honest about the puppy's condition. We have also come to find out that she is deaf. The breeder finally returned our calls and basically said that we are out of luck. She actually said (her words): "Since we signed a health guarantee, I don't have to do anything." I couldn't believe it! She is making no effort to make this right. I am so disappointed about this whole situation. The puppy was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, and now we are both devastated because of her sickness and how we have been taken advantage of. The breeder also failed to mention a large, significant scar between the puppy's eyes until my boyfriend drive 2 1/2 hours to pick her up. Please do not do business with this breeder. I don't want anyone to blindsided like we were. Ms. King is an unethical, dishonest crook. We never wanted to give the puppy back; we adore her, and she is very much a part of our family now. But to charge us the full price when she was very aware of her sickness is wrong, and now we are literally paying the price.

South Fork Boxers

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  • Br
      11th of Mar, 2009

    I am so sorry for your puppy being sick, however I purchased Dasher from Miss King and he is fine. (Dasher is comets brother). I thought that Comet was shipped if I remember wright. The Kennel cough was more than likely caught on the plane ride over. I do not see why your puppy would have it and mine does not. I am so sorry that your little puppy is deaf. If you ever read up on the white boxers their are some that are born deaf. I am so sorry you had bad luck, however I do not think she is a crook. She seems to be very knowledgeable about boxers and has been doing this for a very long time.
    Thank you
    Brenda Yarber

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  • Bo
      11th of Mar, 2009

    That puppy looks quite small how old is He is that picture ? Kennel cough can be picked up many ways vets office, plane, out at the part ect.. MOST breeders do vaccinate for this .There is an injectable Bordatella vaccine, and one that is given intranasally (squirted into the nostrils). Neither vaccine will totally prevent infection with Bordatella. For the injectable vaccine, 2 doses must be given 3-4 weeks apart, and protection does not occur until 1-2 weeks after the second injection. but that is not a guatantee of 100 % . White Boxers can be deaf I do find it odd that this breeder did not know that puppy was deaf, BUT You should have got some type of guarantee that He was not if You had done Your homework You would have known this.

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  • So
      10th of Apr, 2009

    WOW...Where do i start. I guess the beginning huh? I drove 1 1/2 hours to meet Eric with Comet and did not charge a delivery fee. This was on 2-20-09. He was almost 2 hours late and then spent almost an hour with him and Comet(the puppy he ended up purchasing). I provided health papers... with her shot record(she had her bordatella vaccine). She had shown no signs of any respiratory discharge, coughing, swollen gland, or eyes. She did have a scar above one of her eyes...which I pointed out to Mr Tanner. He was not concerned with the scar at that time. Mr tanner purchased her for a DISCOUNTED price of $450. Her siblings were sold for $700 to $1000. My white puppies are always discounted because there isn't a Vet in my area that can perform the BAER test(the only way to accurately test a dogs hearing). This is specifically stated in my health guarantee. Mr Tanner was asked to read my guarantee more than one time, and I do have a copy that was signed by Mr. Tanner if any one would like to review it. I did not hear from Eric until 2-25-09, alomst 1 week later @ 11:30pm. I called him back within 5 minutes and he did not answer. I left a message telling him I was in the bed and he could call back the next afternoon(2-26-09). He called my phone 2 times that same night(2-25-09) @ 1:oo am and then called over 30 times in a row the next morning starting at 6:00am. When I called him back at 10:00 am he was very rude...telling me i was a horrible mother!!!(just to tell one of his comments). He was verbally abusive to say the least. I finally got him to agree to let me hang up...and yes I was very upset. I did take my dogs to the Vet that same day(2-26-09) and they did not have kennel cough, or any other respiratory condition. This leads me to believe that the puppy contracted it after leaving my care. Also, antibiotics for this or any other respiratory condition should not cost $250. As far as the puppy being deaf...they fail to mention in their complaint that they did not have the puppies hearing actually tested. She was very responsive while in my care and gave me no reason to believe she couldn't hear. Please remember that it is almost impossible to really determine if a dog is deaf without having the BAER test done. I would have placed her in an appropriate home if I had any reason to believe she was deaf. I also met with my attorney on 2-26-09, and after reviewing Mr Tanners phone call log, rude and harassing messages left on my voice mail, he advised me not to make any further contact. He advised me to stand behind my health guarantee, which can be viewed on my website ( Also, you can google "diagnosing a deaf puppy" and find out lots of information on this subject. I have been breeding for almost ten years now and have many references. In fact in the ten year that I have been breeding there has only been 3 other people that have not been completely satisfied doing business with me. I love my dogs and it is very important that I provide happy healthy puppies. Please contact me if you would like to review any documents pertaining to this issue, or to obtain references from past clients. I have had many people buy more than one puppy from me over the years and I am very sorry that Mr Tanner and his girlfriend feel that I am a dishonest, unethical crook. It does truly upset me.

    Rhyan King
    South Fork Boxers
    Oneida, TN

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  • Et
      2nd of May, 2009

    I am not one to tell the tales that Ms. King does so I will tell the truth. I was a bit late (1 hour), but I never asked her to meet me anywhere. She asked me to meet her in a remote location, far from any major city, almost an hour off of the interstate in a dollar general store parking lot. I drove 5 hours and a bit extra would not have hurt me. I was never told nor was there any advertisement that this dog was discounted in anyway. I was told after I made the drive about the scar, but she was right it did not bother me. I called Mrs. King the very next day and again for 5 several more days before she returned my calls. I had to call her every 10 mins for 4 hours straight to get her to call me back. After which she was very rude to me. I was in no way verbally abusive. When I asked for proof that the vet had vaccinated the puppy she could not provide me with the proof. This is because a vet never vaccinated the dog. I did read the health guarantee and tried my best to comply with the time limits, but she would not return my call. She would not know if we had the dog tested or not, I have only talked to her once since I bought the dog and she wouldn’t speak to me about the deafness then. I do not blame her for the dog's deafness, but when a dogs has symptoms of the final stages of kennel cough, a breeder should not sell a dog in that condition. When I asked Mrs. King to honor her health guarantee she said to me, "That guarantee means that I do not have to do anything." She followed that with, “Kennel cough will go away in a few days anyway.” I told Mrs. King that that kind of activity is unethical. She said, “What do you want me to do?” to which I replied, “The right thing.” She had no answer for that. I never cursed or raised my voice to her. I cannot say the same for her. She yelled at me several times and then told me that it was because she had a sick child. I am sure that she has had several customers that are pleased with her, but I am also sure that she has had several customers that did not receive dogs in the same condition as I did. I did my best to meet all of the criteria in the health guarantee, but could not because she would not return my calls. Mrs. King did not want the dog back and would make no accommodations for me at all. She simply quit calling back and answering my calls.
    I do not know a lot about dog breeding, but I do know a lot about business. This is not the way you treat customers. When you have a guarantee that the dog is in good health or the dog will be replaced, you should honor that. You should not stop answering the phone until the guarantee expires then accuse the customer of dodging you. Gone are the days when business involves honesty and goodness. I know that in all of my business endeavors I will employ the golden rule, perhaps if Ms. King would have done that we would have had a better business relationship. Your business with Ms. King will go well as long as you do not ask her to honor her guarantee. You can always go around with the “he said she said”, but both her and I know that I had to call her for several days, before she would answer and when I asked her to comply with her guarantee she said she wouldn’t. I have evidence form a vet verifying that I complied with her guarantee and she can’t argue with that. In addition, she really makes it seem like she carried so much of a burden to get the dog to me. Do you really want to buy a dog from someone that makes it seem like you are bothering them by purchasing the dog. I would rather buy from a person that would love to sell me a dog.
    Ms. King is a bitter woman that seems to have no clue how to treat her fellow man. She obviously cares more about the all mighty dollar than about her customers or the puppies she sells. There are thousands of breeders out there who care for animals and their customers. To avoid any trouble I would simply choose someone else. Why would you want to choose someone that believes that their health guarantee is in place to protect them when they have done something wrong or that believes she is doing YOU a favor by selling a dog to you?
    The easy fix would have been to do what she promised what she will do. Instead she ignores my phone calls to avoid meeting the time requirement on her guarantee. Then she lies about the whole situation. I am certain that you can check her references; even murderers get people to speak on their behalf. I am sure that she will not give you any of her negative references to verify that only 3 people have complained. These are the kind of business practices that have caused the downward spiral of our current economy. I normally wouldn’t but this much energy into a person that is like that, but I do so only to prevent you from falling in the same trap as I did. An animal is not a commodity poor breeding ethics has ruined the industry and we all could benefit from one less unethical breeder.
    Ms. King can say what she will about me and what I have said here, but I know the truth and in the end that is all I have. I am an Army Combat Veteran how has lived his life by a code of ethics and honesty. If you want references for that Google my name. In my eyes there is only one version of the truth and that is the truth. I believe that we all must answer for the things that we have done wrong in our life. My satisfaction comes from knowing that someday, she will have to answer for this.
    Joplin (formerly Comet) is doing very well, but it is because she was lucky enough to have been sold to a loving and caring couple. She is getting the special attention she needs for her unique condition and will for the rest of her life.

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