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I am not one to tell the tales that Ms. King does so I will tell the truth. I was a bit late (1 hour), but I never asked her to meet me anywhere. She asked me to meet her in a remote location, far from any major city, almost an hour off of the interstate in a dollar general store parking lot. I drove 5 hours and a bit extra would not have hurt me. I was never told nor was there any advertisement that this dog was discounted in anyway. I was told after I made the drive about the scar, but she was right it did not bother me. I called Mrs. King the very next day and again for 5 several more days before she returned my calls. I had to call her every 10 mins for 4 hours straight to get her to call me back. After which she was very rude to me. I was in no way verbally abusive. When I asked for proof that the vet had vaccinated the puppy she could not provide me with the proof. This is because a vet never vaccinated the dog. I did read the health guarantee and tried my best to comply with the time limits, but she would not return my call. She would not know if we had the dog tested or not, I have only talked to her once since I bought the dog and she wouldn’t speak to me about the deafness then. I do not blame her for the dog's deafness, but when a dogs has symptoms of the final stages of kennel cough, a breeder should not sell a dog in that condition. When I asked Mrs. King to honor her health guarantee she said to me, "That guarantee means that I do not have to do anything." She followed that with, “Kennel cough will go away in a few days anyway.” I told Mrs. King that that kind of activity is unethical. She said, “What do you want me to do?” to which I replied, “The right thing.” She had no answer for that. I never cursed or raised my voice to her. I cannot say the same for her. She yelled at me several times and then told me that it was because she had a sick child. I am sure that she has had several customers that are pleased with her, but I am also sure that she has had several customers that did not receive dogs in the same condition as I did. I did my best to meet all of the criteria in the health guarantee, but could not because she would not return my calls. Mrs. King did not want the dog back and would make no accommodations for me at all. She simply quit calling back and answering my calls.
I do not know a lot about dog breeding, but I do know a lot about business. This is not the way you treat customers. When you have a guarantee that the dog is in good health or the dog will be replaced, you should honor that. You should not stop answering the phone until the guarantee expires then accuse the customer of dodging you. Gone are the days when business involves honesty and goodness. I know that in all of my business endeavors I will employ the golden rule, perhaps if Ms. King would have done that we would have had a better business relationship. Your business with Ms. King will go well as long as you do not ask her to honor her guarantee. You can always go around with the “he said she said”, but both her and I know that I had to call her for several days, before she would answer and when I asked her to comply with her guarantee she said she wouldn’t. I have evidence form a vet verifying that I complied with her guarantee and she can’t argue with that. In addition, she really makes it seem like she carried so much of a burden to get the dog to me. Do you really want to buy a dog from someone that makes it seem like you are bothering them by purchasing the dog. I would rather buy from a person that would love to sell me a dog.
Ms. King is a bitter woman that seems to have no clue how to treat her fellow man. She obviously cares more about the all mighty dollar than about her customers or the puppies she sells. There are thousands of breeders out there who care for animals and their customers. To avoid any trouble I would simply choose someone else. Why would you want to choose someone that believes that their health guarantee is in place to protect them when they have done something wrong or that believes she is doing YOU a favor by selling a dog to you?
The easy fix would have been to do what she promised what she will do. Instead she ignores my phone calls to avoid meeting the time requirement on her guarantee. Then she lies about the whole situation. I am certain that you can check her references; even murderers get people to speak on their behalf. I am sure that she will not give you any of her negative references to verify that only 3 people have complained. These are the kind of business practices that have caused the downward spiral of our current economy. I normally wouldn’t but this much energy into a person that is like that, but I do so only to prevent you from falling in the same trap as I did. An animal is not a commodity poor breeding ethics has ruined the industry and we all could benefit from one less unethical breeder.
Ms. King can say what she will about me and what I have said here, but I know the truth and in the end that is all I have. I am an Army Combat Veteran how has lived his life by a code of ethics and honesty. If you want references for that Google my name. In my eyes there is only one version of the truth and that is the truth. I believe that we all must answer for the things that we have done wrong in our life. My satisfaction comes from knowing that someday, she will have to answer for this.
Joplin (formerly Comet) is doing very well, but it is because she was lucky enough to have been sold to a loving and caring couple. She is getting the special attention she needs for her unique condition and will for the rest of her life.

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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber Sep 08, 2009



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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber Sep 08, 2009


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    Retro gems Sep 03, 2009

    If you check South Fork boxers website, you will see they are a back yard breeder. I see no reference to genetic testing or screening for common boxers health issues like heart, the pedigrees are chock full of pet type names, the photos of their dogs show poor quality dogs that should have been neutered. CKC registration is a puppy mill registry and a *big* red flag. The whole site screams **breeder for money**, not someone I would buy from or recommend.

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  • Et
    etanner78 Jul 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mrs. Yarber,

    Don't worry about my time. You obviously have just as much time as me. You call me stupid, but I seriously doubt you can read. You obviously have not read a single one of my post. I truly question your intelligence. I think that maybe YOU should get a life and stop worrying about what I am doing. I am not ruining anyone. I know that people are in business to make money, but they should not do so at the sake of others. You are obviously a bitter old hag that can’t mind her own business. The cost of the vet visit is on record. It was due to the advance stages of the infection, when I received the dog and the fact that the infection had spread to the dog's eye. I cannot be sued for harassment, because I have not harassed anyone. I also cannot be sued for slander, because this is an opinion based website and slander is the "the spoken word.” I believe that the term that you are looking for is libel. The only defense for libel is the TRUTH, so I think that I am good. Of course if she took legal advice from a nosy little snatch like you then she would be in a world of hurt. THESE SITES ARE DESIGNED FOR SIMPLE COMPLAINTS. THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED A COMPLAINT BOARD! You are a complete idiot. I love my dog just as you do yours, however I had some problems with the breeder. That is why I posted a complaint. I never even suggested that i wanted to get rid of my dog. I even went as far as to get specialized training for her. But I guess if you could read you would know that. You have added and caused to be added more content and activity to this complaint which gives it more relevance. If you would have just left it alone then no one would have seen it, but keep doing what you are and the more people will see it. I seriously doubt that you would understand the concept of relevance when in this or any other context though. I really cannot fathom how you think that you are intelligent enough to call anyone dumb. YOU CANNOT SPELL AND YOU OBVIOUSLY CANNOT READ. I hope that you taught you kids better than to speak this bad about someone that has done nothing to provoke you. I think that if you would simply go back and read everything that I have written you would see that any question that you have can be answered. I understand and firmly believe that she has made the dreams of many people come true with a wonderful and healthy puppy. That did not happen in my case.

    I own another boxer and have owned others in my life. This is not my first round with the breed or breeders and quite educated on these dogs.

    I have a suggestion of you Mrs. Yarber why don't YOU quit ###. All the world needs is another person that has no clue what they are talking about and a strong 3rd grade education to start slinging mud. I will stop posting stuff when you learn to do the same.

    Oh and by the way, THIS GUY is a decorated combat veteran with several citations and accommodations, for things such as DUTY, HONOR, and INTEGRITY. I was in time magazine, on CNN and several hundred newspapers throughout the country. I also have a BA degree in business. I am the man that provides the blanket of freedom that you curl to every night. If it weren't for men like me freedom would not exist.

    So I guess outside of risking my life and killing people for you, I really don't have a life unless you count my education, family, friends, hobbies and business.

    When you have done half the things I have you can start disrespecting me, until then take a seat. I am just getting started if we want to keep this going.

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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber Jul 09, 2009

    I would really like to know how you have all this time on your hands? It seems to me that is all your doing is trying to ruin her reputation. First of all when I purchased my puppy, Buster and Comet were the last two puppies left. Now if your puppy had Kennel Cough so would my puppy, ( as it is very contagious) ! Let me tell you something most people that are breeding dogs or any animals for that matter, are in it to make money. HOW STUPID ARE YOU! To condemn anybody in the Breeding Business for making money is absolutly ridiculous! And guess what I paid $ 700.00 for my puppy so you got a a big disscount. Also I would like to add it does not cost $ 250.00 to cure kennel cough you are so ridiculous to tell anyone this, all it cost is a bottle of antibiotics. I dare say you need to change Vets. I was a singnal parent for seventeen years and I understand about strangers coming to your home, after all there are a lot of strange people in the world (you being one of them). Also you can tell Ms. King is NOT RUNNING A PUPPY MILL all you have to do is look at the photo's of her dogs they are absolutly gorgeous boxer's and I must say Buster is also. Why dont you get a life if you cant quit ### about the puppy find it a home. If I was Ms. King I would sue you for harrasment and slander. Just give it a break. To anybody who is interested in purchasing a boxer I would highly recommend South Fork Boxers, I will be purchasing another from Ms. King in the fucture. They are very nice animals and great with kids as I have a three year old Grand Duaghter. This guy doen not have a life Thank you Brenda Yarber Lenoir City, TN

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    etanner78 Jun 01, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did fail to mention that I have Joplin's hearing tested and she is 100%, scientifically proven and without a doubt deaf. The specialist that performed the test is the person that provided me with the references for deaf training. I failed to mention this because as I have said before. I DO NOT BLAME MRS. KING FOR THE DOG'S HEARING CONDITION.
    (I think that it would take an idiot to not know if your dog is deaf especially after living with the dog for 3 months.)

    -I have never said that this is a puppy mill.
    -I have never threatened to sue anyone over this (she must have had a guilty conscious)
    - I did not call her a bad mother. I said:
    - "Is this the way you are going to teach your daughter to do business"
    -I simply asked her to honor her agreement but:
    - She avoided my phone call until the guarantee expired
    - She yelled at me about how streesed out she was that her
    daughter had to go the doctor.
    - She told me, "That guarantee means that I do not have to do

    "Yes, These are quotes"

    I was never told that the puppy was discounted until I read it in her post. She was the only puppy left in the litter and was not given that information.

    If you believe that she has puppies simply to "find them a home" than you must believe that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in the mortgage business just to get you the home you want. I am not saying that her prices are not fair for the market, but if I were simply trying to find a home for puppies. I would not have a new litter as soon as physically possible, get rid of older dogs as they pass their prime, or sell them for over $1, 000 or more. I think that you should be able to see the thin disguise that she is hiding behind. She is a business, in it to make money and lots of it. Not some charitable organization that finds home for puppies. If I were someone that cared about the puppies first, then I would follow the guidance of AKC, UKC, and CKC and not perpetuate the white dog gene that causes the deafness. I just think that is simple logic.

    Like I said, I am not here to ruin anyone, but I am also not here to allow someone to lie. Defending yourself from your point of view is fine, but lying is just wrong. Especially when it is about me.

    As we wear down the protective coasting ugly truths are revealed. Nothing about buying this dog was straight up or honest. I felt like I was mistreated. I haven't spoke to Mrs. King or attempted to call her since she stopped answering calls.

    This has all shown me that she has limited capacity to deal with any objections to what she feels is good business.

    I will continue to defend my position and not allow someone to make my complaint seem meaning less or that it is my fault, especially when they do not read my entire post. I agree that you cannot please everyone, I also agree that the public needs to be informed when making their choice to spend a lot of money. Especially when that money is for a living being (not a commodity or a product).

    I would just search for someone that has no complaints and does not tell stories, half-truths, or misinformation to defend their position.

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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber Jun 01, 2009

    I agree totaly with Ms. King. There are peop0le in the world you just can not please.

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  • So May 29, 2009

    I drove 1 1/2 hours to meet Eric with Comet and did not charge a delivery fee( I am a single mother and yes I do OFFER to meet people in public places for safety reasons. I do not feel that it is very safe to have a perfect stranger come to my home when I am alone, I am responsible for my daughters safaty before anything else!) This was on 2-20-09. He was almost 2 hours late and then spent almost an hour with him and Comet(the puppy he ended up purchasing). I sent health papers... with her shot record(she had her bordatella vaccine). She had shown no signs of any respiratory discharge, coughing, swollen gland, or eyes. She did have a scar above one of her eyes...which I pointed out to Mr Tanner. He was not concerned with the scar at that time. Mr tanner purchased her for a DISCOUNTED price of $450. Her siblings were sold for $700 to $1000. My white puppies are always discounted because there isn't a Vet in my area that can perform the BAER test(the only way to accurately test a dogs hearing). This is specifically stated in my health guarantee. Mr Tanner was asked to read my guarantee more than one time, and I do have a copy that was signed by Mr. Tanner if any one would like to review it. I did not hear from Eric until 2-25-09, alomst 1 week later @ 11:30pm(I do have a call record to prove this). I called him back within 5 minutes and he did not answer. I left a message telling him I was in the bed and he could call back the next afternoon(2-26-09). He called my phone 2 more times that same night(2-25-09) @ 1:oo am and then called over 30 times in a row the next morning starting at 6:00am. When I called him back at 10:00 am he was very rude...telling me i was a horrible mother!!!(just to tell one of his comments). He was verbally abusive to say the least. I finally got him to agree to let me hang up...and YES I WAS VERY UPSET TO SAY THE LEAST. I did take my dogs to the Vet that same day(2-26-09) and they did not have kennel cough, or any other respiratory condition. This leads me to believe that the puppy contracted it after leaving my care. Also, antibiotics for this or any other respiratory condition should not cost $250. As far as the puppy being deaf...Eric Tanner fails to mention in their complaint that they did not have the puppies hearing actually tested. She was very responsive while in my care and gave me no reason to believe she couldn't hear. Please remember that it is almost impossible to really determine if a dog is deaf without having the BAER test done. I would have placed her in an appropriate home if I had any reason to believe she was deaf. I also met with my attorney on 2-26-09(after Eric treatened to sue me), and after reviewing Mr Tanners phone call log, rude and harassing messages left on my voicemail, he advised me not to make any further contact. He advised me to stand behind my health guarantee, which can be viewed on my website ( Also, you can google "diagnosing a deaf puppy" and find out lots of information on this subject. I have been breeding for almost ten years now and have many references. In fact in the ten year that I have been breeding there has only been 3 other people that have not been completely satisfied doing business with me. I love my dogs and it is very important that I provide happy healthy puppies. Please contact me if you would like to review ANY documents pertaining to this issue, or to obtain references from past clients. I have had many people buy more than one puppy from me over the years and I am very sorry that Mr Tanner and his girlfriend feel that I am a dishonest, unethical crook. It does truly upset me. My main goal is to find great homes for my babies. ...that is why i have them. I truley want each person that buys a puppy from me to become a lifelong friend, not enemy!!!

    I am not a puppy mill. As I stated above, I am a single mother and treat all my dogs & puppies as if they were my children!!! Any one can come and inspect my place and they will find that I provide great homes for my babies!

    Rhyan King
    South Fork Boxers
    Oneida, TN

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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber May 22, 2009

    I am really sorry that your puppy has problems. I just wanted you to know I pruchased Dasher from Ms. King without a hitch. I am not her friend. I just know she has some real nice Boxers, and I would buy from her again. I did not, however, understand why was Comet sick and all the other puppies well. I do agree she did not handle you very well. But she does have nice boxers. I love how Buster is turning out at 5 months old, he is so pretty. But anyway just wanted to let you know that I was not a friend of hers.

    Hope the best you and comet she sure is a cute puppy

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  • Et
    etanner78 May 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ma'am I understand that this breeder is your friend and you are trying to protect her. If you would have read my post instead of just responding with a negative comment, perhaps you would know what I did. I will make it simple so that you do not have to read a lot.

    1. I took my dog to the vet in the allotted time period.
    2. The vet told me that she was in the final stages of kennel cough.
    3. I called the breeder back within the allotted time period, but got no response.
    4. I tried to call for a couple of days and did not get a response until I began calling every ten minutes. I started at 7:00 am and still did not get any response until 9:30.
    5. I was told by the breeder that her guarantee means, "that I (the breeder) do not have to do anything for you."

    Perhaps you did not know that my dog was the last to leave and did so some time after the rest. This could be when the dog contracted the illness. Your argument would be like saying, "My kid is in your kid's class and did not get the flu." Maybe it could also be that your dog was properly vaccinated. I asked the breeder for proof of vet vaccination and she told me that she cannot give that to me.

    I am beginning to wonder if you read any of my post. For instance the part where I said, "I do not blame her for the dog's deafness." I think you just skimmed the post and decided to respond with some half-defense for your friend. I am sure that if you did not read that than you haven't even read this far. I did do my research. I knew the risks of getting a white boxer (the actual chances are more like 22%) Maybe if you read the post you would realize that my complaint surrounded the dog having an infection and not because the dog was deaf. I also had a few other complaints. I will make those into a list so that if you have read this far you can pull them out from the rest of the text without too much trouble.

    1. After ignoring my phone call until after the time allotted on her contract Mrs. King began lying to me about why she did not answer my call.
    2. In her posted response she made it seems like selling the dog to me was a burden, when she herself made the arrangements to meet in a dimly lit parking lot in the middle of nowhere instead of at her place of business like a reputable breeder would.
    3. After I made the drive she told me about things that I should have been told before I left the house of in the 4 days or so between arranging to purchase the dog and the drive (multiple scars on the dogs head)
    4. She sought a lawyer immediately instead of trying to help me as a customer. (That in itself sounds fishy.)

    I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF OF WHEN I ATTEMPTED TO CALL THE BREEDER. I really don't think that anyone including a lawyer can argue with that, although I am certain that someone will.

    I understand that not all of the customers that this breeder interacts with will be as dissatisfied as me. I am also aware that I am not the only customer that is dissatisfied with this breeder. One thing that you must be aware of is that if you had received a dog in this condition you would be upset as well. This is not my first go around with dogs. I am an experienced boxer owner and have owned dogs my whole life. I have spoke with other professional breeders, experts, AKC, and CKC. Who all agreed that her actions were unprofessional and do not reflect the actions accepted by the industry. My conclusions were simply this:

    1. I would NOT choose South Fork Boxers ever again and would suggest that no one else do.
    2. I would choose a breeder that seemed enthusiastic about having me adopt one of their puppies.
    3. I would choose a breeder that could prove to me that the dog were vaccinated by a vet.
    4. I would choose a breeder who guarantee is to allow the person who purchased the dog some means to guarantee the dog's health and not one that the breeder "doesn't have to do anything."
    5. I would choose a breeder that allows me to meet her at her place of business and not in a secluded location.
    6. i would choose a breeder that doesn't conceal defects about the dog until after you have driven several hours to pick the dog up.
    7. I would choose a breeder that does not lie at every opportunity to hide truths and protect herself. If you are being honest you do not need a lawyer, especially if I have not threatened with any legal action.

    I don't expect any of this to change your mind about my compliant. I know that is not how human nature works. I am simply stating FACTS about my experience as I am entitled to do. I really just think that anyone who reads this should simply choose another breeder. Part of being a reputable breeder is properly handling complaints and objections. Neither of which were handled properly by Mrs. King. I did not cuss, yell or threaten her by any means and she decided to protect herself with an attorney, is that what good business people do. It just so happens that I am a businessman and have never had to resort to that action. I guess it could be that I approach business with a ethical and morale obligation to my customers to ensure that they are treated fairly.

    It is my opinion that all actions in life, including business should be carried out using the GOLDEN RULE.

    I guess I would not have this problem if I had NOT assumed that I was dealing with someone who might have the same outlook on business.

    I love my puppy just as you love yours. I consider myself a bit honorable for not just giving the dog to a shelter or rescue as many other would have. I happily spend the extra money on special training and tools for the dog. I enjoy the extra time that I have to spend with my dog teaching her sign language. I happen to believe that I was suppose to get this dog because someone else would have neglected it or gotten rid of it. Instead of that fate, she ended up with a loving and caring family that treats her with undying love and affection.

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  • Br
    Brenda Yarber May 16, 2009

    My complaint is that you are trying to destroy a reptable breeder. This is your falt and your falt only. Tell me this if you were so concerned about your puppy being sick Why did you not take her to the vet??? And if you took your puppy to the vet in the allowed time you would not be having this problem. Also sounds like you did no reserch at all, if you had you would know that 18% of all white boxers are deaf. Ms. King gives everybody a 1 year health gurentee. But you did not hold up your end of the contract and you are blaming this on her. I purchased a puppy from Ms. King if fact he is the brother of your puppy. His former name was Dasher now known as Buster. He is very healthy and one of the best puppy ever. If your puppy had kennel cough then Buster would have.

    Brenda Yarber
    Lenoir City TN

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  • An
    ann May 04, 2009

    The first indication was she wanted to meet in a parking lot. When you deal with a reputable breeder, they will aways have you come to their kennel or home. You should always want to see the mother, father, and the litter to make sure of their health and disposition. Sounds just like a puppy mill. Would call authorities or Humane Society or SPCA to investigate. You might be able to help dogs who are living miserable, horrible lives.

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