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[Resolved] Source Marketing Direct


Scam door to door selling, only commission

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Contact information:
Source Marketing Direct
Lower Ground Floor, Shand House, 14-20 Shand Street
London, England, Greater London
United Kingdom
Phone: 02086164101
I applied for an entry level position in marketing through what i thought was a reliable website reed. I sent my cv late at night and the next day at 10am an admin called courtney sagar was calling me already. How lucky i was after the number of applications that job had. . A bit suspicious.

Told me there were a few aspects in my application they wanted to discuss with me in further detail. . What details if i have no experience at all, that's why i was applying for an entry level position. . Tried to ask her but she quickly told me they had many candidates and if i was interested in an interview.

The rest of the process went as all the internet forums say. They tell you in 3min how amazing they are and how much money they earn, they ask you 3 questions if you are lucky like what you're looking for, where do you see yourself in the future. . And kick you out of the room before you have time to ask any questions about them. Got called for the 2nd interview and i was paired with a guy to go knocking on doors under the rain. .

I asked him why they lie on the ads as they don´t say it's jsut commission. Saying is based on performance doesn´t specify you're gonna be self - employed getting nothing if you make no sales after spending 70h of your time a week doing door to door or practising to go out, including saturdays.

They don´t tell you either that if you dont register as self - employed you risk a fine from hm revenue and customs, as they dont really care who is and who's not as long as you make sales on the street for them.

All these guys seem to be brainwashed to me. How can they work there when they all look exhausted and they could be getting more money somewhere else working 40h / week. Only about 1% of people that start will make it to management. . And even if you get there, you will still work the same hours to cover most of the time, just the expenses of having an admin and paying the bills of the office.

The same for the admin team. They might be brainless or just stay there because they sleep with their managers as the forums also say, in particular about this admin courtney i talked to. They are lying on the phone to graduates who are desperate looking for a job. They encourage them to go waste their time, putting their families and friends aside just to make these owners think they are becoming rich. It´s just disgusting how nasty people can be.

All these companies in the uk doing the same sales are a scam, warning there are few in this address in london bridge: ea wordlwide acquisitions, live, galaxy marketing, carolina consulting, london marketing services and jtg consulting. Door to door, b2b and events (Shopping centres)

Stay away

Resolution statement

"Source Marketing Direct" customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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A  29th of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Thank you for posting this. I went for my initial interview yesterday after receiving a surprisingly prompt response to my application via the Reed website. The person that called me was this same Courtney Sagar.

Arriving for my 2 o'clock interview I discovered that the company name was not noted on the entry buzzer on the front door (probably because as you have already said there are several companies operating out of the same premises). In reception I discovered six or seven people who also had a 2 o'clock appointment. Strangely there didn't seem to be any other employees in the office apart from the receptionist and the people who were carrying out the interviews...

After filling in the generic application form and attaching the copy of my CV that I had been asked to bring with me (quite why they were incapable of printing off the CV that was attached to my original application is beyond me) I sat and waited for 20-30 minutes before being taken into the office by one of the managers.

As above, the "interview" lasted approximately five minutes, during which the manager spoke more than I did (I don't think I said much more than "yes", "I see", "I undertand" etc. apart from the one open question I was asked, which he didn't need to ask if he had bothered to read my application properly. There was no opportunity to ask any questions apart from when the miraculous promotion progression scheme was explained to me. Any notes that were made to explain things to me were done on the back of my CV which the manager then kept for himself as he led me out the door back to reception.

I was invited back to spend a day with one of their "top representatives" who I was to observe in action. This was supposed to be today. Thankfully I decided to do some further research on the company when I got home as I felt like I knew less about Source Marketing than I did before the interview. Seeing this post, as well as numerous other forums talking about the same company and people, helped me make up my mind. I sent an email telling them I wouldn't be going in today and am glad I did not.

I cannot believe that a reputable company such as Reed continues to allow such organisations to advertise on their site. Thank you for warning me away from this p
N  18th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
tank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh for writing this
they call me for an appionment tommorow
N  5th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
so, what exactly is the scam? I, like many others, interviewed and spent the day shadowing a sales rep. Here's what makes me suspicious, but i'm not sure which part is illegal:
1. They only go to businesses, and they can only mail their product to the business address - even though they can sell to an individual, it has to be an individual that works there. When I asked why they couldn't mail to home address, they rep said they had problems with things being stolen...
2. Even though they work out of one office - the reps all work for different companies. There are no higher-ups because the managers all go into business for themselves. The money comes in from client brokers that represent companies like T-Mobile, Quill, Comcast, AT&T, etc.
3. The rep never left information if there wasn't a possible sale - and he didn't have a business card (maybe he was just a poor salesman, idk)
4. The commissions seemed really high. 100% of the sale was matched, and several of the products he received for free, but could charge whatever he felt like he could get from the customer.
5. If the customer said s/he would rather go the the store and ask to pay the same price, the salesmen said only he could offer the discount and since he was mobile the customer didn't have to pay sales tax.

it seems shady, and it's blatant soliciting, but none of it seemed illegal. It just seemed like an army of salesmen - i imagine if you're a really good salesmen you could move up the company and train your own army of salesmen to do the same.
N  14th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am currently working for a company in London and can undestang your sceptcism, but it is most definately not a scam- marketing is a ruthless and cutthroat industry that is very fast paced so you really need to be hardworking and diciplined to make it- you read about guys throwing in the towel after about three days and then going on to complain and winge about how hard marketing is, that's pathetic- these companies make it difficult so to sift through these lazy and shameless individuals who are just going to waste time- there is great oppertunity for those who show dicipline and hard work if they do stick around...
N  4th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
Who are u john de sousa.. of course its a scam. And its not about the sales i know marketing companies which offer basic salary and bonus upon the deals u make, but really working there for nothing? and not even in an office but door 2 door? what are u? go do leaflets... ull get more money by doing leaflets than knocking doors selling some random product. I also applied for that job now that i am currently unemployeed and that was done only cause ive send out loads of cv's everywhere...
Think how good this is, same person Courtney Sagar emailed me and asked me to call them back to discuss further about myself... They propably left out of credit in their phone lol... And i aint even a graduate... i was working for 2 years in pwc then i worked for dell for another 1 year but cause i had to take a break generally (had a pille of money) decided to go and live in new york for 6 months. Now i am back I am sending applications and i get interviews but i really rofled when they asked me to call them back. And when i read that u spend a day free of charge i am like shame to the people felt for that. Btw de sousa or however ur name is called cause u are propably working for them or it happens to be the owner that opened in USA and moved here i can create u a better website myfriend, that will defenately help people fell for ur companny much easier.
A  14th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
It is a Scam I wasted my time and money £120.00 Getting to the interview and worked for 1 week and hated it. They blatantly lie on their ad. Not once did it state working from 11am (sometimes earlier - 9pm sometimes later) Walking around in London in the dark until someone signs up for your charity. I didn't even know what was going on they just whisked me to Southwark Station and expected me to pay for my journey to the field we was supposed to cover. I had a 15min break and just about squeezed in a sandwich before we was off again knocking on peoples doors. NO WAY was I expecting to be doing such a job especially on 100% commission!
I remember receiving a call from my concerned boyfriend asking me about the job whilst I was one break. I got off the phone and my trainer asked if I was to have a boyfriend my job has to come first and if he isn't happy I will have to make a sacrifice... HUH!!! Then alarm bells rang, the complete BRAINWASH was about to begin! I didn't have a clue why everyone was acting like brainwashed idiots. Before you left you was not to talk about your day good or bad and you are to speak only to your allocated trainer about how you felt. At one point I found someone that had the same views as me and we both left. DON'T BOTHER GOING TO THE INTERVIEW THEY ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY Probably like 2% of their employees make it to management because one by one day by day everyone leaves!
N  26th of Jan, 2012 by    +2 Votes
getting it off my chest who is this i think we worked together was you in lydmils office?
A  6th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
thanks for this it really saved me time..iv been to two similar interviews like this and it was so depressing..the best advice i was given was to always goole the companies name followed by scam, to see if they really are marketing jobs..or just simply door to door sales.
A  8th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Google 'Sphinx Solutions Chemlsford ' it is the same thing! Oh. They will never tell you the parent company either which should make alarm bells go in anyone's head. Also on reed.co.uk there are many different positions available for basically the same door-to-door sales job. Whether it is legal or not. You would have to be pretty scummy enjoying this kind of work.
A  24th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you guys...i went there as well!!! same thing happened to me!!! they told me how amazing company is, how much money they take and how successful i can be if i join...i thought that i will get a job of my life in the marketing. the next day they took me to shopping centre and they asked me to watch how they deal with the clients. there were two girls, they were behaving like idiots and they were telling me every 10 mins how amazing this job is and how happy they are there were only 3 guys who came and made some donations, and the only reason they did that was, because they wanted the phone numbers of that chicks, one of the girls was all the time telling me that she have a lot of experience and that she worked for top marketing company in USA, then i asked her what she is doing here then if she have all that experience. she felt very offended, during that day i been asked to answer about 12 questions about my self, education, experience and i been even asked to write a business plan
no one mentioned that it was self employed position, the didn't mention that i had to work on Saturdays, the job was 10 hours a day
N  28th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
Thank you very much!!! I found it a bit suspicious since I read the advert but as I urgently needed a job, I answered Courtney's e-mail agreeing with an interview . The interview was supposed to be tomorrow but I got a feeling they were a bit suspicious and just googled them tonight ( thank God!!! ) NOT GOING THERE ANYMORE AND I'M GOING TO WRITE AN E-MAIL TELLING THEM WHY .
N  10th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just got invated for interview for tmrw ..but to see this comments, i changed my mind! Thanks guys to save my time!
A  27th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I recently applied for this job too for customer service, and like everyone else a lady called Courtney sent me an email to call her. When I did she said the management were very impressed with my CV and arranged an interview the next day, Shockingly since I've been applying for many jobs and this process was really quick. When I had my interview, all the candidates were in one room with Courtney the only person with a desk at reception. I had my interview with a director who seemed more enthusiastic than me for the role and was already talking about moving me up to management. At this stage I admit being naive on my part as I felt confident about having a brilliant interview but i'm so glad I researched the company before the second interview (Which I didn't go to at the end) Every single person kept saying it is a scam, and it is. It was advertised on total-jobs a reputable job site but the advert is completely misleading. They don't mention it is 100% commission based, its door to door sales job, there's no proper office site and you would have to register as self-employed or risk getting a fine from H&M customs, what's the point in applying for a job then if you're looking to be self-employed
N  16th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Thank you so much you just saved me from Courtney and my interview today. RED FIVE is also the same had the same experience with them
A  29th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
My name is Ritu. I even had applied for a job at Source Marketing Direct near Southwark at 21 Rishborough Street SE1 0HG. Recepionist called Jahanvi called me saying that the manager wants to see for an interview. She told me it was 9-5 job. On the first day of the interview I was told to fill out an application form and give my CV. After that the manager called Courtney Sagar interviewed me. It lasted about 10 minutes. He asked me about team work and my past experience and told me that they have a huge number of clients like Net Flix, Love Flim etc... He told me that if I was successful I would get a call the same day by 6:00 and would be invited back for second and final interview the next day. I got the call and I was very happy.

But the next day when I went I was shocked. I was told to wait for about 30 mins to 1 hour as they were running late.Then a team leader came and took me outside. His name was Mathew. He told me that we would be going to Willesden Green. I still didn't know what was happening as no one told me. When I reached there I was shocked. The job was actually to knock on people's door asking them if they have upgraded for loft installation for which they would get govt grant. It was done by Nationwide energy on behalf of energy companies. Whole day I was made to go from door to door doing this job. It started from 10:00am and finished at 7:30. That day I actually found out what this job was about. Mathew told me that everyone starts out here. They have to do this job for 2-4 weeks and then after they get promoted to leader where they train other people for this job and hold interviews. They do this for 2-4 weeks and after that if they are successful they get promoted to management level job. Management Job gets paid about £60, 000 a week! This whole company is a scam. When I had applied for a job they never told me it was a Salesman job. They never told me it was based on commission. They don't give you any break and you have to work everyday including weekends from 10:00 to 8:00 in the night without any break. After hearing that I walked out and never came back.This company is an outright scam. Please don't fall for the scam.
A  14th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Thank you soooo much people as i have an interview tomorrow- which i now will definitely NOT be going to...I also so this technique used by live innovations 14-20 shane street, tower bridge, se1 2es managing director TOM HARRIS...PLS WATCH OUT...
A  12th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
Thank you so much for this. I applied on reed as well, which seems to be the scam jobs site.. and I have received after 2 days or so two email. from Red Five and Source Direct Marketing. Marketing trainee and event representative .. i went to both interviews.. different locations ofc. When I got there .. at Red Five.. I waited 50 min which it seems totally unprofessional to me. Than an 30 year old guy called me presented as being the manager and start talking very fast about 10 minutes as he was trying to sell me the job and not an interview. and that was all.. when i got home after 1 hour I got a call that i was accepted and I should go for an open day. which will be tomorrow.
At Source Direct Marketing.. got an email saying that i have been selected and to call for an interview.. which was like WTF !!!.. i thought they are supposed to call... anyway i called i went today at the interview. again.. small office just 2 3 employees.. waited again about 1 hour... anyway i got called and I got an interview with Hector, the manager.. Honestly.. seemed quite ok.. we talked about 30 minutes explained really nice i asked couple of questions etc.. I was really impressed and I had a very good felling about. I was quite excited and even wanted the job badly. ( which proves he sold it quite well) so I got home and after 3 hours from the interview I got a call that i have been accepted and I can go for an open day. tomorrow even though I told at the interview I already have plans...strange. Anyway they set it for Thursday and made me feel like I am quite important to them since they reschedule for me ( idiot me.. I believed)..

So... now 1 am.. started to search the name of RedFive GM.. and after couple of google pages it popped out.. SCAM.. i opened it and a lot of peoples were complaining about this as being a scam with no fix income and hours of work in rain.. etc.. searched again.. more complaints.. I searched about Source DM and same.. than I found this article which convinced me that is not worth wasting my time.. From Junior Marketing to knocking at the doors... WTF I didn t spent 17 years in school to do something that a highschool graduate can do. More than this I earned triple the amount people said they were making in restaurant without staying in rain and selling people crap. I am glad I found this.. with two days I was to lose I can apply to at least 100 jobs without spending 9h/day in the rain. I can't believe i even wear my new suit and shoes for this ###. and throw away 12 quid on tube. Good bless the people that write reviews.
N  12th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
John de Sousa (London) do you know what Marketing is? I have 6 years experience in the field I could teach you if you want so you won't say that crap in the future. D2D is a sale strategy not a marketing one first of all. Second .. it has nothing to do with people being lazy.. have you even read the topic ? we were talking about the company and it's way of treating employees .. I would agree to go d2d as long as I would have a legal contract and a base salary.. I am not selling 80 000 quid cars so I can make a living from commission.. 200/week is s***, barely cover my rent so a minimum base wage is common sense. working hard doesn't mean you don;t have to eat for 10 hours that you spend on the field. These companies doesn't make it difficult for selection..that should be the job of HR department.. they make it like this so can make a fortune out of desperate unemployed graduates
N  12th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I worked for over two months at Source Marketing Direct and agree that the way they market the job is a complete farce. It wasn't until the second stage of the interview that you actually realise what the job entails; being a chugger in a suit. It was ridiculously hard work for ridiculously low pay: 60 hour weeks arriving at the office at 8am and leaving at 7pm and having to spend stupid amounts of money on travel to get to and from the various 'fields' (For me it was always approaching customers in shopping centres etc. rather than going door to door). However, all this said, I did learn a great deal at the job and don't regret doing it for a second. Although the work was hard and very testing, the manager Hector and many of the people who were working there at a higher level were incredibly inspirational, I just wish that they didn't make out that the job was something that it wasn't and in turn brainwash many of their employees. It is definitely possible to earn a great deal of money there, but it is by no means guaranteed nor easy as they make out in the advertisement of the job, at the interviews and whilst you work there. Then again, they are a marketing company, they know what they're doing.
N  2nd of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Guys, thanks a lot for all this reviews, you have all in one way or the other saved me from falling into this fatal trap of Sourcedirectmarketing. I applied on total jobs just like every other person would have applied on any of the job seeking websites. I did this late at night and the following morning when i woke up i got an email at about 9:18am from the same friend of everyone lol (Courtney Sagar ) saying they were keen to speak to me after going through my cv and seeing that it interest them and bla bla bla. She also said in the email that she had cleared most of her day for her to be available for her, so i should give her a call when i pick the email or reply the email stating when i want her to call me. At that point i was thinking wao! what a nice day i woke up to today and i must be really important to this company based on what has been read on my cv because am being treated like a vip. So i replied the email and gave the time when i wanted her to call, to my surprise in less than 30 - 45 mins, my phone rang and i was like omg, my prayers have been answered as i knew it was the company that was calling. I picked the call and she introduced herself (Courtney Sagar) and said the company have gone through my cv and were happy with what the read and would like to ask me to come down to their office for an interview and i gladly accepted it and was given two options of time when i can come down and i chose the earliest which is 12:25pm. Immediately we finished speaking over the phone, an email came through confirming my appointment with the them for an interview the next day which is today 03/07/2013. I replied and said i was going to be there. So i went about my daily activities and came back later to do some research and prepare my dress for the next day. I decide to look for some information about the company in case am asked what i know about the company and to my surprise, i stomped upon this great review about the company and it made my day and i just can't thank you all for your help and please don't let us stop here, lets help flush out this bad eggs amongs the good ones in the marketing world, we need to keep telling people anywhere we can about this company till they change their attitude and be more plain about the kind of contract that will be given to employees. I will type an email now and save it in my draft as its 00:42 now and will have it sent in the morning to let them know i won't be coming for the interview. If not for you guys, i would have wasted my time and money and who knows, i might fall for the brain wash and would get stucked working for them in pain. I wish everyone of you the very best as you search for your lucky job.

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