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1 Syracuse, NY, United States

They claimed only a certain amount (very small amount) was going to be charged to my card after I found a link to purchase Photoshop CS4 Extended. After the payment processed the small amount magically turned into $55+. Heres whats even more messed up: They didnt even have CS4... So I call and a young girl answers. She said billing was closed for the day and no one was there. I call back 2 days later, and no answer. I let it go, and call back several days later. A young girl answers again. She was rude, interrupted, and ###. She said that I was a liar and they had CS4. (Check the site, Im not crazy) I am very polite on the phone, not once yelling, or being forceful. She said only $34 will be refunded in 10 business days because I called to late. So I guess Im just a lying blind person that obviously doesnt know how to take advantage of a great opportunity when I see one, oh silly me.

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