Softgames[web game] the tower lite

C Mar 07, 2017

I've tried several offers to get coins rewards for "Walking Dead Road to Survival" game. Most of them are just impossible to achieve to me (the offer condition is often to get 200 points at level 1).
Although I successfully completed this one 2 times "[Web game] The Tower Lite" to be sure something was really wrong with it. The condition was to get at least 35 points and I reached 38 and 39 points.
I contacted the customer support via the ticket service but at this time the offer wasn't in the complaint form selection so I chose another one (called "go on tapjoy to get rewards") explaining everything in the comments and in the response email with screenshots attached. I got rewarded for 6 coins whereas "[Web game] The Tower Lite" offer reward is 160 coins.
At last on March 2nd the offer was appearing in the claim form so I did another claim request. I received another ticket service email and replied with the same screenshots attached. I have no news since then.
I'm assuming the ticket is now closed as it doesn't usually take this much time to get rewarded when a problem occurs.
I completed the offer the first time on Feb 24. My request is to get those 160 coins for the completed offer.
Please find attached the same screenshots I sent to the ticket service both times.


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