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Socal Autorization Center / Lack of service

1 United States

My story begins with my filling of a claim for unemployment benefits. I had an open claim already so I reopened it online, a few days later I received my forms and sent them in, when I received my first check they notified me my claim was now over and I would have to file for a new claim . By now (with the lag time of the mail ) a week had passed and by filing online again would have made me loose a week�s pay, so I opted to call so I could talk to someone and explain that I would like them to retro for that week lag .For the next week I call E.D.D. approx 200 times ( that God I was not using my cell phone) Finally I got through and talked to a woman whom at the time seemed to understand my needs and told me that she would send out two claim forms one for the retro week plus another week and told me to send it in when I got it, and another set of forms for the (now ) current weeks .. I was feeling like I finally hit the lotto =smiles= (seriously). That feeling evaporated with the mail about 5 days later, the claim forms that should have had a total of 4 weeks only had 3, not sure how something so simple could have become so messed up??? So here it is four weeks into this problem and now I am back on the phone, another three days and countless calls to a number that is not remotely accessible. after 50 tries I got through twice each time I was told( by a recorded message ) that the wait time would be 7 minutes ( again lotto fever ) both times after 4-5 minutes I was disconnected . So what are you thinking this has got to be a joke? Trust me anything but...

Some how I guess I got lucky rather soon into the next day�s calling trying once again to find help in sorting this out. by now the send in date has passed on my first claim form. So here I am on the phone again and after half a days dialing I get the good but unreliable message I ll only have a 7 minute wait, not being all that enthusiastic I hear the voice of a man asking me what he could help me with, with hope in my grasp I gave him my S.S. number and asked him to pull up my screen so he could follow my explanation he proceeded to tell me he could not help me and had to transfer me, ( in thirty two years of off and on filing for unemployment) I have never had to be transferred, I told him he was going to disconnect me, OH no its inner office that won't happen ... You guessed it dial tone. We are not done here (still have the same issue as when I started ...) I am now dumb founded and frankly very pissed off.
So now I decide to make copies of the two claim forms I have and send them in and fight this in the mean time ( my bills couldn't wait any longer) as I am having lunch with my daughter my cell phone rings, understandable I don't answer it, after eating I listen to the message and it is a guy from unemployment stating that we had a phone interview as to why I waited so long to send in my claim form, but being as I didn't answer (and missed ) the interview (which at the time had no idea about)they were going to deny my claim. I thought to myself what are you talking about ( no new number to call nothing, just basically we gave you your one and only opportunity) O by the way this is Saturday 10 am, later that day I pick up my mail and there it is a letter from the employment office telling me of this interview, are you kidding me it states if you cant make this interview call this number to change day and or time, you guessed it the same number that I have spent hours dialing already .. Even if I got it in time and wanted to change it the chances of that are none existent. So now over 6 weeks into this and I am drowning in incompetent people running our government agencies, a system that is as far as I am concerned BROKEN ( I am sure I am not the only one) I have even wrote to the governor�s office asking for help. Tried to find a walk in office (like in the old days) they are nonexistent they do have a job search office which I talked to a woman whom said she has had many people come to her venting about the system being Broken and she even told me that the upper dept heads came through asking for feedback and she told them that something has to be done about the problems with the system and she quoted them as saying "ITS NOT BROKE" bet they have never filed a claim!!!
Please not just for me but the (I am sure thousands) of others going through this HELP I would love to hear from you and would humbly accept any help offered the way I am keeping a log of times and dates of attempted phone calls up to 25 today prior to this 1 1-2 hour ( time it took me) letter .. Thank you for your site.


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