Smoke Assassin / false advertisment

1 134 Main St, Lewiston, ME, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-535-0702

I ordered "The Smoke Assassin "with no nicotine or tar. Got no puffs of smoke as advertised on local radio station in Fl.
So I called the customer service line @ [protected] telling the agent my problem and he said well there is probably a problem with the battery & would send me a new one out at no charger but I would need to return the old one because sometimes they can be repaired. I waited & waited no new charger came. Tried customer service several time & was put on hold for 15 minutes at a time ;got fed up! Tried one more time this time telling Agent 976 the above & how dissapointed I was & will be returning it for my 30 day money back guarantee. I spent $7.00 for return package & was assured my credit card would be credited on day of receipt. Well after checking on U.S.P.S web site they received it but the credit came 3 days after but $10.00 short of what I paid for it. There excuse tonite was we never return shipping & handling charges or we wouldn't make a profit !! I'm thinking you make a profit on everyone who does not have a problem & keeps the unit. I feel full disclosure of this info should be given to customers.


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