SkyNetworst logistic of malaysia!

C Nov 29, 2017

It seem that Skynet management reluctant to even bother the customer complain at all !
Items received at hub didnt deliver out next day . When I try to call the branch . Forever no pick up . The phone in the office is for display purposes only . Forever can't find my house location yet reluctant to CALL me ! Do you even train your delivery staff !!

I never face this problem when the other merchant used Gdex, TaQbin, Poslaju & Dex logistic . Even those service are not good but they can find the location most of time if they can't they will call to ASK . This is not the first time I face this issue.

Skynet used to be not bad back in 6 or 5 year back which I used their services compare with other logistic . However other logistic company slowly improved their service to be at least ok .

SKYNET is worst ! I really hope the merchant don't ever use skynet again !


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