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Skinology / Skinology Snake Venom Peptide Cream

1 2150 Comstock Street #710370San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:

This is embarrassing for me to admit, because I am so careful about signing up for anything, but I want everyone to know what happened, so here goes. On 12/5/15, I was on Facebook when an article came up on my daily feed about Dr. Phil's wife and how she betrayed him. I clicked on the page and read about how she went against his wishes by telling people what her beauty regimen was when he didn't want anyone else to know. It was based on an article in some womans magazine. They had the titles of many magazines that had supposedly written articles on this cream pasted at the top of the page. The cream had gotten really great reviews when you mix these two creams together. You had to use both creams together for them to work. But when I advanced to another page after I put in my contact information, it was for a different titled face cream altogether - it was Skinology. So I thought, what the heck, it's only $5.00, so I signed up for the $4.95 free trial and then it tried to get me to buy another cream for around $40.00 and I said no to that, gave it my PayPal Debit card number and then that was that. I also got an email confirmation afterward. What was confusing was how the products were switched. What they claimed on the first page was not the name of the product that I ordered. I went back through the ad and couldn't figure it out, why was there a totally different product, and where was the second one that I was supposed to mix? So then, I started doing a search of this name and found out that Robin McGraw already had a skin care product to her name and it was not this one and I realized that I had been had. I further searched and found complaints about how others were getting further shipments and charges to their charge card after 14 days. I never at any time saw anything about further shipments. I am so careful about these things, I read everything. The minute I see that there will be further shipments on any ad, I never sign up. THERE WERE NO WARNINGS ABOUT THIS! I cannot believe that Facebook would even allow this ad on their site. On 12/8/15, I get an email that my product has shipped. A few days after it arrived, still within the 14 days, I called the number on the label - [protected]. I was obviously calling India and the woman said that she had a sister with my name - Melissa! I realized that this was just smooth talk to feel more personal with me and I told her that I wanted to cancel. I must have talked to her for 10 minutes, she would not let me cancel any further orders, said that I did not have enough time to try the product and that she was going to extend my trial time to January 8th. I needed to call back on January 7th and cancel then if I wanted to. Obviously she was hoping that I would forget to call and then charge me. So today, on January 7th, this being THE BIG DAY, I called ready for their crap. Told the lady named Marie in India that I wanted to cancel and it once again turned into a 10 minute phone call with her trying to give me other offers, and lowering the price many times, down to $40.00. She was asking me what my hope was for the cream, and I did not give her any answers because then again she would probably continue my free trial. So I told her that I was not going to answer any of her questions and I got very heated throughout the whole ordeal and told her to cancel any future orders or I would cancel my debit card. One point she told me that there was no need for my nasty attitude, and I said that there was, because they were trying to scam me. So finally after much banter back and forth, she told me that she cancelled any future orders and I hung up. About 5 minutes later, I received an email from the company cancelling my order from I hope that I am rid of them. I was in luck in that I used a debit card to pay them the first time, so if I do not have money in the account, they cannot take it out. Then I will get an email from PayPal refusing the payment for no funds, but unfortunately, they can leave a hold on it. I will cancel my PayPal Debit card if they try and put a charge on. For the cream: I really did like it for filling in wrinkles around my mouth and eyes.

Jan 7, 2016
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  • Mi
      28th of Jan, 2016
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    I have received from you, just call the phone and order a promotion only that, I have to call and products but do not receive, that is fraud, and I call to cancel

    ORDER 530156 - 11/21
    ORDER 574248 - 12/06
    ORDER 636306 - 12/23
    ORDER 740045 - 01/20
    Just call the phone and order a promotion only that that, I have to call and products but do not receive, that is fraud, and I call to cancel CANCELLATION NUMBER C758325.
    YOU HAVE DRAWN extracted each time $ 89.95 AMOUNT OF $ 92.93 FOR ONE AND THE OTHER .
    I NEVER ORDER 4 CREAMS, ONLY THE FIRST 11/21 shipping promotion only.
    I HAVE ALL THE DOCUMENTATION READY FOR CREDIT BUREAU.AND I'm warning that I will close that account.
    YOU have drawn each time $ 89.95 AMOUNT OF $ 92.93 FOR ONE AND THE OTHER . I NEVER ORDER THAT.
    I CALL FOR RETURN AND NOT ACCECEPTED. And I really did like it for filling in wrinkles around my mouth and eyes.

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