Simpsons Removals / Very late delivery

United Kingdom

I paid Simpsons to ship goods as part of a consolidated container on the 29th of September 2012 to the US East Coast. At the time of booking, I was assured that while they could not give me definite delivery times, it was normally between 8 - 10 weeks with a maximum of 12 weeks. On that basis I booked with them.

I finally received my goods about 24 weeks after I gave it to them - on March 17 2013. Their customer service is very poor - when I asked when I would get my goods, their only response was that in their terms and conditions, they do not guarantee delivery and left me hanging. I asked what their solution was as it was getting close to four months. They then asked me to pay an additional £1, 200 if I wanted my goods delivered on time. Alternatively, they told me to come to their warehouse and take my goods and that they would then charge me for storage!!!

Obviously none of these were options I could work with and I had no choice but to wait for a long time. As a result I had to buy many things all over again.

Without doubt, the worst consumer experience of my life. Please do not believe this company about the shipping times they give you at the point of sale - these are not to be believed.


Mar 19, 2013

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